As this year ramps up, we decided to bring more talent in-house as we grow and expand to support our user base and develop more products designed to remove the guesswork of detailing.

I would like to officially welcome David Patterson, our newest member of the Oberk Team. For those who don't know, David was a product development manager for Lake Country MFG; he is very knowledgeable on detailing products and was commonly seen on the Rag Company podcast and Autogeek training.

Q: What will your main focus be at Oberk?
David Patterson: To maintain the simplification of the Oberk 2-step system, we want to grow into other products that are being missed in the detailing market. My goal is to keep that high standard of products and apply it to other items that would compliment the paint correction process. 
Q: What is your background?
David Patterson: I come from a paint & body background that led into my own personal detailing shop. Eventually, I accepted a fantastic role with Lake Country MFG, where I helped develop new product lines for polishing pads. I worked with the internal team and various other manufacturers looking to grow their paint correction line.
Q: How can we get ahold of you?
David PattersonI will be assisting the team with some marketing help via the Oberk social channels so that you can get a response from me on there. Additionally, I will be manning the general email at
March 16, 2021 — Christopher DiGiovanni

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