Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run

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Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run
Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt: Limited Run

Gloss of Good Fortune: 6 stage paint refinement? I don't think so. But just in case you want luck on your side, celebrate with our Maneki-Neko: Gloss of Good Fortune Shirt. Homage to the "waving kitting" - the symbol of good luck.Detailer's deserve kick ass products, and sometimes that means detailing shirts as well. 

Each shirt comes with a special fortune cookie. Wait, a fortune cookie?!?! Yes, Fortune cookies have often been associated back to the 1870's to small bakeries in Kyoto, Japan, where they make small folded crackers.

It’s called the “tsujiura senbei,” or “fortune cracker,” according to Jennifer Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food

We included this small sweet delicacy to share our love and passion for Japanese automobiles and culture.  As well as European cars, JDM cars are equally as influential in our love and passion for sports cars. 

Available in 2 colors:

  • Black Shirt with full color print with metallic ink
  • White Shirt with black color print
  • Both have a waist level red "Remove the Guesswork" tag

The Details

  • Tearaway label; because itchiness sucks.
  • 4.2 oz. 52/48 Airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester; fancy talk for a truly soft fabric that won't wither away when washed. Its been combed to bring out 2.5x more impurities over standard cotton.
  • Waist level "Remove the Guesswork" red tag
  • Side seams; to give some stretch where you need it.
  • Unisex sizing; ladies are welcome to join this party.
  • Made in America, printed locally by Brew City Brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much horsepower do I gain wearing this shirt? 5 hp. 
  2. Does this shirt allow me to detail better? Absolutely.
  3. Why is the black shirt cost more? Because metallic ink is apparently like chip shortages - in high demand + thats 4 color print (white base).

What should do if I see haze or micromarring after using the 2 step system.
Micromarring is common on the initial step. Repolish the area using the same combination to ensure that the polish was cycled and completely broken down, or the surface itself polished long enough. Typically, if you have any issues with the red pad and polish combination finishing, the firmer pad will normally resolve these issues on your specific paint work

What do I use for one step polishing?
We recommend our Yellow medium polishing pad paired with either out OBERK cut or OBERK polish depending on paint.  Typically, we recommend harder paints – Oberk Cut with Yellow pad. Softer Paints – Oberk Polish with Yellow pad.

Note – A simple test spot with each combination above should easily determine which is better for your vehicle.

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Eric S.
United States
Love these shirts!!

This is by far one of the best shirts I’ve ever bought. Extremely comfortable and the design is second to none.

United States United States
Great shirt

Very comfortable and a lot of people loves the design on the back

Kodie H.
United States United States
Kung Fu Kitty

First off the material of this shirt is amazing a fabric so nice it’s fit for a king and let’s not forget the amazing kung fu kitty and giving off the good Vibes of the good gloss fortune. Such an amazing shirt I bought Four !

United States United States
Fortune shirt

Very happy with my shirt! Very quick shipping especially to Hawaii.