Adaptiv LED Paint inspection light

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This light has been widely used and seen being used at the Gloss University trainings.  When using the difuser, it allows for the average person to be able to visualize and see the texture of the paint of clearcoat surfasce to help understand how flat the paint is and how much top wet sand to try to match texture or sand completely flat.



ADAPTIV and Oberk Collaborated to launch this paint inspection light with unmatched specs, as well as the ADAPTIV signature diffuser that shows orange peel and defects in paint work.

Whether your inspection before or during a paint correction, or inspecting paint to sand and level with wet sandpaper, this light has you covered

Unit comes with Charging cord and is compatible with charging unit from other Main/Major brand handheld lights as well.


- 2.5 hr run time

- 4700K color temp

- 93 CRI


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