Our 2023 Oberk Limited print Calendar is a special collaboration with Center.Scene Media to bring you a calendar WORTH hanging in your garage, shop, office or home.  

We took 12 of the most memorable cars and build sthat we have participated and detailed over the 2022 Year. We took some of the best photorapghy of each car and digitally created this incrtedble work of art.

Each month features a new build, from JDM cars, Hotrods, SEMA builds, and vintage European classics. We love all cars and this is a great representation of the wide range of beautiful automotive masterpieces. 

We did an extrmely limited run, so get them while theyre available. Order one, and get 10% off your entire order of that, plus whatever you want with Code TENOFF at checkout.

***Each month we will be featuring each month's vehicle with a limited  11"x17" veritcal poster in premium matte finish

We only ran 100 prints of each! Once they're gone, They're gone!

Preorder TODAY by clincking the image below!

January 03, 2023 — David Patterson

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