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The cut and polish work together flawlessly on hard and soft paints. The pad you choose to use with cut is the deciding factor as to how long you'll have to work polish. Great stuff.

Andrew M.

The Oberk two step duo package is without a doubt an amazing two step combo that produces amazing results. It’s become my go to combo and I’ll be back for more.

Kodie H.

First thought was no way this red foam will remove any defect but much to my surprise it did and left an amazing finish behind!

Robert D.

This product allows me to bring a new level of depth and gloss to any color car. It is simply incredible.

Eron K.

Oberk pads are hands down my go to pads for everything. Cut and polish is a true two step process which yields results which used to take me 3-4 steps in the past. Excellent results from an excellent company. 

Benjamin H.

you heard about it, now see it