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Our 2-step product line is here to help.

Paint correction, the way it should be.

What started as compounding experiment, developed into a passion to create a simple, effective paint correction system that took years to perfect. We created compounds that matched perfectly with pads.

Defeat any scratch, swirl or oxidation on your vehicles paint.

Yellow 1-step
Moderate firmness for paint correction in 1-step.
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race miata
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Rejuvenating a paint to a full lustre using less than $65 work of product. No guesswork.
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I have tried numerous different pads and have not gotten such phenomenal results this easily with any other pad on the market. Hats off to Oberk for their product line. 

Review on: Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pads

Benjamin H.

I ordered my 2 step system based on recommendation of a friend. I could not be happier with all of the products from the pads to the compounds everything is amazing! 

Review on: Oberk 2-Step System

Riley T.

First thought, was no way this red foam will remove any defect but much to my surprise it did and left an amazing finish behind!

Review on: Supreme Foam Polishing Pads

Robert D.

This product allows me to bring a new level of depth and gloss to any color car.

Review on:  Supreme Polish

Eron K.

This is by far the best finishing compound I have ever used. It is amazing with the level of cut it has that it can finish down so well. 

Review on: Supreme Cut

Andy C.