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What started as compounding experiment, developed into a passion to create a simple, effective paint correction system that took years to perfect. We created compounds that matched perfectly with pads, and created a system to #RemoveTheGuesswork from paint correction and polishing your vehicle.

Product developed by professionals to elevate both entry level detailers as well as growing detailing businesses with the highest quality ingredients available.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This is the best compound and polish system, I have used, it cuts majority of the scratches out, without having to wet sand panel and leaves a showroom finish, and cleans up without a mess
— Shannon P
Customer reviews
This two step process combined with the microfiber cut and foam polish pads, yields incredible results. Easy to use. My only issue is that it took me this long to find Oberk products. They are top notch
— Chris
hydrophilic water sheeting

Defense Gel Si02 Ceramic