Rinseless Wash Concentrate



The Oberk Rinseless Wash Concentrate is a revolution in the car washing process. Say goodbye to traditional hose-filled washes and embrace this convenient and environmentally friendly solution. Many States like California have water restrictions, resulting in the development and adaptation of Rinsless and Waterless car washing processes. Our Rinseless Wash Concentrate is a waterless wash, Quick Detailer, and Rinseless wash all in one, that provides quick and efficient cleaning without sacrificing results. The concentrate formula allows you to use only what you need, conserving water and reducing your impact on the environment.

Not only is our Rinseless Wash environmentally conscious, it's also highly effective. The formula is infused with advanced polymer lubricants to clean, shine, and protect your vehicle, leaving it with a showroom shine everytime. We hated how other Rinseless washes were sticky, so we focused on a highly concentrated polymer package to reduce the drag. The Oberk Rinseless Wash Concentrate can also serve as a quick detailer, ideal for touch-ups on the go. Whether you're at a car show or just want to keep your car looking its best, our Rinseless Wash is your solution.

The concentrate formula makes it simple to use. Simply dilute with water to your desired strength (directions on bottle) and you're ready to go. No more dragging out hoses or wasting water, our Rinseless Wash Concentrate is perfect for on-the-go cleaning, quick touch-ups, and even full washes. The concentrate formula also gives you the ability to customize the strength of the solution, providing you with complete control over the cleaning power.

Oberk Rinseless Wash Concentrate is the ultimate water-saving car wash solution. With its eco-friendly formula, quick and easy application, advanced polymer lubricants, and showroom shine results, it's the perfect choice for car enthusiasts and environmentally responsible individuals alike. Get your bottle today and discover the benefits of our Rinseless Wash Concentrate for yourself.

Get a free 32oz labeled Quick Detailer bottle with Gallon Purchase. 
If you are OCD like us, and everything needs to match just right, we have the solution for you.
Perfect for color matching and streamlining the dilution of your Rinseless wash when using for Quick Detailer or Clay lubricant.  
Oberk Rinseless wash is an advanced polymer blended concentrate perfect for waterless or rinseless wash processes, as well as a quick detailer. The formula is specifically blended to lift and remove dirt particles to avoid scratching or marring when washing and drying the painted surface.  We’ve removed the guesswork from Waterless and Rinseless washing by creating a superior lubrication in compared to traditional wash soaps with the end result of protecting the painted surface from scratches during the wash process.  Many of the scratches and swirls you see can be caused due to lack of lubrication when drying the vehicle. Oberk Rinsless wash solves with its lubrication properties when used as a quick detailr for a drying aid.  Whether you’re trying to reduce your water consumption for our natural resources, or simply live in an area with restricted water use, Oberk Rinsless can help you save thousands of gallons, combine products for ease of mobile detailing and is 100% biodegradable. Oberk Rinseless can be used anywhere and is able to be disposed of in your lawn.  Oberk Rinsless concentrate allows you to mix at different dilutions for use as -
  • Rinseless Wash

  • Waterless was/Quick Detailer

  • Clay Lubricant

  • Interior maintenance cleaner for plastic, leather, vinyl etc.

    This multi use product allows to consolidate products while effectively saving time and money in your process.  While this product is developed to use when water is not available or allowed to be used, it works great (and we recommend) in combination with a pressure washer to preclean heavily soiled vehicles. While Rinseless can be rinsed off prior to drying, we recommend using the polymer lubricants to minimize or eliminate towels scratching or marring the surface while drying.  We always recommend washing and drying your vehicle in a cool shaded space.

     No hose or water source needed – wash your car in almost any situation. Whether, washing in winter, inside or outside your apartment garage complex, or traveling and on the go, Oberk Rinseless is an easy and portable solution.


    Multi usage – use for interiors, exteriors and a number of different ways including a clay bar lubricant.

    Environmentally safe – biodegradable formula is safe for use anywhere and meets or exceeds all components in counties and states with high levels of regulations. Oberk rinsless is safe to dispose anywhere safely without killing plant life etc.


    Oberk Rinseless is perfect for any surfaces including paint, gel coat, fiberglass, plastics, glass, vinyl decals and stickers, interior panels, carpets, extractors and even steamers.

    Directions –

    • Add one cap (.5oz) per gallon for rinseless wash solution.
    • Add 4 caps (2oz) per gallon for making quick detailer and clay lubricant.
      • Add one cap per 32oz bottle of water.

    We recommend washing and drying your vehicle in a cool and shaded area.  If vehicle is heavy soiled, we recommend using a pressure washer to remove, mud stones and heavy soil from the surface prior to washing.

    Rinseless Wash- Once bucket is mixed with rinsless wash formula, use your favorite foam, microfiber or wool wash mitt to wash one panel at a time while cleaning out the mitt or sponge at the same time. Moving slow and repeated cleaning of the sponge during the wash greatly reduces risk of marring the paint.  Once panel is washed, gently dry the vehicle or panel with your favorite drying towel