Oberk Ultimate Glass Cleaner




Are you tired of struggling with streaky, hazy windows and mirrors in your car or home?  Oberk Ultimate Glass Cleaner is here to save the day. Our premium formula is specially designed to deliver crystal clear results every time.

Glass cleaner isn't always viewed as a "specialty" or unique product, but it may be the most important part of a freshly detailed vehicle. Streaks and smudges take away from everything else looking perfect. 

Oberk Glass Cleaner was developed with a different approach to remove the issues with most glass cleaners and offer perfect clarity with any window, mirror, or lens.

Our best glass cleaner for cars is perfect for removing tough grime, dirt, film from smoking or vaping, and even fingerprints from your car's windows and windshields. With a powerful spray, it quickly penetrates and dissolves stubborn residue, leaving your glass surfaces gleaming and streak-free.

The Oberk Ultimate Glass Cleaner is not only effective but also eco-friendly. Its non-toxic and ammonia-free formula is safe for use on all types of glass, including tinted windows.

VOC compliant for the state of California - The restrictions put in place for many products has continued to get worse. Many alcohol based glass cleaners are no longer able to be sold or shipped to many stated. We took this initiative to develope our polymer based cleaner for a safe and concious alternative with great cleaning power and eas of use.  

Whether you're cleaning the interior or exterior of your car or home, the Oberk Ultimate Glass Cleaner is the perfect solution for achieving professional-grade results. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

We went through a long development process with our friends at Beverly Hills Ferrari, California.  Glass cleaning is easily one of the least favorite parts of a detail but is the last detail to put the cherry on top.  Cleaning vape film, smoke residue, and the off gassing from interior materials that leave a haze on the glass was our target to offer a glass cleaning solution filling the void where others fail.  Quick, safe, and streak free is the way to be!

Available in 16oz, Gallons, and 5 Gallon cubes.

  • Low VOC
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Streak free
  • Environmentally friendly