Oberk Lotus Coat Si02 Spray Sealant PREORDER



Preorders are projected to ship July 1st 2024

Lotus Coat SiO2 Spray Sealant

Introducing Lotus Coat by Oberk Car Care – the ultimate SiO2 spray sealant that redefines versatility and performance in automotive protection. Whether you’re a car care enthusiast or a professional detailer, Lotus Coat is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Key Features:

  • Dual Application Methods: Lotus Coat offers unmatched flexibility with two application options. Apply it as a wipe-on/wipe-off sealant for a perfect, glowing shine and durable protection that lasts up to 1 year. Alternatively, use the touchless method by spraying on a wheel or panel after washing and rinsing immediately for up to 6 months of hassle-free protection.

  • Superior Durability: Engineered with advanced SiO2 technology, Lotus Coat forms a robust protective barrier that shields your vehicle from the elements, enhancing the longevity of your paintwork and maintaining a high-gloss finish.

  • Streak-Free, Haze-Free Finish: Say goodbye to streaks and haze. Lotus Coat ensures a flawless, professional finish every time, making it ideal for maintaining ceramic coatings or as a standalone solution.

  • Easy Application: Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or a quick, touchless method, Lotus Coat delivers outstanding results with minimal effort. Its user-friendly formula makes it accessible for everyone.

  • Enhanced Protection: Provides excellent resistance to water, dirt, and contaminants, helping to keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer and making maintenance a breeze.

Why Choose Lotus Coat?

Lotus Coat is perfect for those who demand the best in automotive care. It’s more than just a sealant; it’s a comprehensive solution for achieving and maintaining a pristine, protected finish on your vehicle. Ideal for regular maintenance, it ensures your car always looks its best, no matter the conditions.

How to Use:

  1. Wipe-On/Wipe-Off Method: Spray Lotus Coat directly onto the surface or into a plush microfiber towel, spread evenly with the microfiber cloth, with a clean microfiber towel, buff off remaining residue to reveal a stunning shine.
  2. Touchless Method: After washing your vehicle, spray Lotus Coat onto a wet wheel or panel, then rinse off immediately for quick and effective protection.


  • Always apply in a shaded area while the paint and wheels are cool to touch. 
  • Only apply product to one panel or one wheel at a time and rinse immediatly
    • applying to multiple panels, or leaving the product to dwell too long can cause streaking.

Experience the difference with Lotus Coat – the versatile, high-performance SiO2 spray sealant from Oberk Car Care. Order now and elevate your car care routine to a whole new level.