2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover

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Are you tired of trying to remove stubborn brake dust and fallout from your car's wheels? Look no further than Oberk Iron Removing Wheel Cleaner. Our advanced formula is specifically designed to cling to the wheel surface, remove iron particles and other contaminants from the surface of your wheels.

Our iron removing wheel cleaner uses a combination of powerful chemistry to safely dissolve and remove iron particles and other contaminants. The result is a cleaner, brighter, and more radiant wheel surface. Our product is safe to use on all wheel finishes, including clear-coated, painted, and polished wheels. FOR HIGHLY SENSATIVE WHEELS, DO NOT LET DRY TO SURFACE OR BAKE IN SUN.

In addition to removing brake dust and fallout from your wheels, Oberk Iron Removing Wheel Cleaner is also effective at removing contaminants from other areas of your car, including the paint, chrome, and glass. It's the ultimate solution for keeping your car looking its best.

At Oberk, we take pride in providing the best automotive cleaning products on the market. Our iron removing wheel cleaner is easy to use and safe for the environment. 

If you're looking for a solution to brake dust and fallout, look no further than Oberk Iron Removing Wheel Cleaner. With its powerful formula and user-friendly design, it's the perfect solution for keeping your car looking like new. Try it today and see the difference for yourself! #REMOVETHEGUESSWORK

    • Reactive color iron remover turns purple when reacting with brake dust and iron particles.
    • pH neutral safe on all wheel finishes including chrome, aluminum, paint and powder coating finishes
    • Foaming lubricating cleaner the foaming characteristic helps lift and pull dirt and other contaminants from the surface before agitation
    • Clinging formulation attaches to the surface and dwells longer on vertical surfaces of wheels improving cleaning ability.
    • Safe to use on paint 100% safe to use on a vehicle painted surface

    Oberk 2-in-1 Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral, using an advanced chemical formulation for removing iron particles and excessive brake dust without the risk of damaging the most delicate wheel finishes.

    With a thicker viscosity, Oberk 2-in-1 wheel cleaner clings to the vertical surfaces of the wheel while retaining a foamy mixture of cleaners to lift and remove every day contaminants picked up from the road or your vehicles braking system.

    Oberk 2-in-1 wheel cleaner is safe for use on all painted surfaces, plastics and more, but it was developed to fill the void between new iron removing technology and traditional foaming wheel cleaners.

    Product Note: The 128 oz. gallon product does not come with an individual spray bottle.

      Directions to Use

      We recommend the vehicle being in the shade and the paint cool to touch. Applying to hot paint or direct sunlight can cause drying, water spots and short work time. Applying to hot surface, letting dry or applying in direct sunlight can cause damage.

      Oberk wheel cleaner is safe for all finishes but retains the cleaning power to remove iron as well as clean heavy road debris. The clinging formula changes color to show when it is reacting with iron particles and sticks to vertical surfaces for extended dwell and cleaning time.

      1. Spray 2-1 Oberk wheel cleaner on a DRY wheel surface and let dwell.
      2. Wheel surface can be wet, but spraying directly on dry surface will maximize efficiency and effectiveness of iron removing.
      3. Brush wheel face and barrel surface, then rinse clean.
      4. Follow with defense gel for premium wheel protection and dry with the wheely dry towel or blower.