Gloss University and Detailiwise Training Programs at the Ring Brothers June 3rd, 4-5th

Gloss University and Detailiwise Training Programs at the Ring Brothers June 3rd, 4-5th

Spaces are filling up and there is only a little over a Month before Gloss University training at the Ring Brothers goes down. Make sure you check out the Gloss University website to get your seat and learn more by clicking the button or image above.  Classes include food, drink, swag, shirts, as well as a meet and greet dinner Saturday evening for an amazing Italian dinner.  Join us for multiple days of knowledge from Jason Killmer, David Patterson, Eron Knox, Matty Arendt, and announcing Jen Turcotte. Jen participated in our first Gloss University coarse at the Ring Brothers over 2 years ago, and she is back as a guest instructor. We're stoked for her to be joining and adding a new element to what GU offers.

The one day business class is honestly going to be one of the most valuable one day classes you could take with the best in the industry.  Jason Otterness and Greg Natonson of DetailWise Academy and Chicago Auto Pros, Chris DiGiovanni of Detailers Roadmap, and Grant Menard of Menard Premium Detailing.  These are all guys that are at the top tier when it comes to websites, marketing, SEO, business strategy and scaling, as well as proven feedback from people who have some of the more successful detail shops in the country.

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May 05, 2022 — David Patterson
FK8 Civic Type R Mugen Prototype King Motorsports Mugen Japan JDM

Rollin into Wekfest Chicago 2022 BLOG Part 1

WEKFEST Chicago was a blast! Keep an eye out for a full Blog coming with some killer phots from Cody Martin (IG - codycarlmartin). Until then, enjoy the goods below!!!

Oberk has participated in a number of detailing events, tradeshows, and even Subaru FL4TFEST, but this was out first time showing at a Japanese based show with high level builds all among our local peers and enthusiasts. Cody Martin came with us to document the trip in pictures as well as some video that we could grab. I will toss together a VLoG of what we have, as well as a full blog with some really killer pictures that Cody got. Until then, you can enjoy some of these rollers form our way down to Chicago at 530AM and as we came into the City.  Huge thanks to the Wekfest Crew and for a great event.  

We'll get into the rest of the cars and builds in the blog, but we had some incredible cars showing in the Oberk/King Motorsports booth.  Originally we had decided to get a booth, and came to realize my car wouldn't be done, but my good friend Scott Zellner at King Motorsports said we should take the Mugen Civic Type R.  That quickly turned into doubling the size and setting up two booths, and even better was a last minute visit from Mr. Kojima from Mugen Japan. Together we showed 4 cars, with Joel's Marga Hills dressed NSX taking home Acura/Honda of the festival.  The other cars included the Mugen Civic Type R, Dan Bray's FA5 Mugen build, and Koui's Yellow Integra Type R wearing a plethora of Mugen rarities.  If you remember the Silver, RHD NSX that was in our wheel cleaner pots and advertisements, that was Koui's car as well, and this one is easily just a cool.

Koui's 01 Type R is fitted with a Mugen Gen 2 wing, Mugen front lip and side skirt, Mugen intake, Mugen exhaust, Mugen header, Mugen MF-10 Wheels, Mugen steering wheel, Mugen seats and even more.  This car has pretty much most of the items from the Mugen catalog for this car, and at this point is becoming a time capsule for the echelon of collectable type R's with approved modifications.

Joel Zabel's Championship White NSX is flawless with a ton of rare, custom, one off and unique parts.  The exterior is compromised of a Marga Hills aero kit, Mugen Wing, KW suspension with air cups, and Volk CE28 forged wheels.  The interior has been completely redone in carbon fiber and tan leather interior with updated electronics and audio to compliment the updated creature comforts.

Dan Bray's Car looks modified and is extremely clean, but is a sleeper when it comes to car shows.  His build has the same feel and accents many top custom car builders go for, and Dan doesn't mind having his car overlooked for more flamboyant builds. Dan's car is meticulously kept and rarely driven. It has been a build process over the last 10 years or so that has paid off. This Civic SI has a full Type R Front and rear end conversion from Japan, which includes a new trunk and front end parts, but at the same time got all the Mugen parts for the body at that same time.  He set it all of and brought it together with the Mugen wing and SSR wheels.  The engine has a ton of Hybris racing, Ksport and other performance parts and the interior has nice titanium accents like the shift knob and Mugen steering wheel.

Last but not least is the King Motorsports Mugen Type R Prototype, sporting the brand new Mugen Carbon Fiber hood, as well as the new FK* MF-10 wheels.  I was able to be part of the big reveal about 3 years ago in FOntana California for one of the last Eibach meets, and since then, has received some floormats, wheels, hood, and some other bits.  This car still retains some of the prototype parts from the original build that have since been modified and gone into full production. This car has many one off part that may not have many or any duplicates.  This car was features on the Chicago Auto Pros YouTube channel when we did a full paint correction and applied Gtechniq Ultra as well as a few other coatings like C0, C4, C5 and others. 


After that it was featured on the Savage Geese YouTube where they put it through the paces and did a full review

Scott is the owner of King Motorsports and they have been a Honda racing shop with affiliations to both Honda and Mugen since the late 70's.  What was originally King Honda, a dealership with racing heritage, became King Motorsports with the sole distribution rights on Mugen Japan parts.  Mugen was formed within the family of Honda, and are essentially are the same as what TRD is to Toyota, or Roush or Shelby is to Ford. Since then they have build some of the best road race, drag race, and street cars.  Whether you want the most premium Mugen parts for a nice build, or a fully built turbo engine making 800whp, King has all the skills and tools to do it all, then dyno tune it when its done.  Since they only specify in Honda cars, you literally can't have a better shop to have around if you enjoy Honda cars of any type.

King and Scott have been great supporters of the Oberk brand and we are honored that they join us for events like this, and even more honored to have Mr. Kojima join us as well. Enjoy until part 2! 

May 04, 2022 — David Patterson
How to Properly Clean Your Tires in 2022

How to Properly Clean Your Tires in 2022

Oberk tire cleaner works great on wheel wells and engine bays too as it is safe for plastics, but do not apply these product in the direct sunlight, to a hot wheel or surface, or let dry on the surface as that could cause staining or damage.


April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
How To Clean Polishing Pads in 2022

How To Clean Polishing Pads in 2022

Cleaning Polishing pads can be really easy, but if neglected can become a total nightmare. Join me as I share with you simple easy tips to cleaning your pads.

Tip Number 1 - Use a dedicated cleaner - Dedicated pad cleaners are usually an emulsified detergent that cleans polishing oils very well, but also is able to be rinsed from the foam pad without leaving residue behind that can cause issues when used on the next paint correction.

Tip #2 - Use microfiber towel cleaner when cleaning microfiber pads to keep them the best and cleanest as possible.  I've found when cleaning mf cutting or polishing pads that The Rag Company "Rags to Riches", or "Micro Restore" are the two best cleaners for both microfiber towels as well as mf pads.

Tip #3 Wool pads can be cleaned with just a traditional spur or tornador blow gun.  Many people use a tornador blow gun for cleaning microfiber pads during the cutting or paint correction process, but they work great for breaking up polish in traditional or DA wool pads. Wool pads can be washed in water, but it can change them slightly due to the shrinking nature of wool.


Pad washers like the Lake Country System 4000 or the previous system 3000, System 3000D, and system 2000 pad washers have been a great way to clean pads easily. The LC system 4000 seperates the dirty water from the clean water to provide the best cleaning experience and avoid cross contamination.  The grit guard pad washer has been a staple in the industry for some time, but the rough nature can damage pads if not careful.

The newest version of a pad washer is the Detail Guardz Pad washer which is a much more cost effective version but is also more manual in how they are cleaned.


Whether wool, microfiber, foam or other material, most pads these days can be washed in water or even a washing machine.


A pressure washer can be a great way to clean heavily soiled pads also, but we recommend this with caution, as washing too close could damage the pad face.

The last method to clean a pad is there most basic way, but sometimes the only option.  when a blow gun or compressed air isn't available, a brush is a good option.


The best tip I can give is keeping your pads wet after use.  I like to use 3-6 pads per car (per step) and when swapping pads out, I will toss the used pad in a bucket of water (and possibly some cleaner in the bucket as well).

The pad will remain wet or moist and helps the compound not dry to the pad.  This helps significantly when rinsing and cleaning them after the job is complete. Compound and polished can dry like concrete when left in pads for long periods of time.

I hope this pad cleaning guide and tutorial was helpful when cleaning your oberk polishing pads.

April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
Ringbrothers Ring Brothers Dodge Charger Hellcat Hellephant Hotrod HRE wheels 3 pc forged baer brakes Mopar SEMA battle of the builders

Project Ring Brothers "CAPTIV" - Sanded, Oberk'd and Ceramic Coated

Christmas came early for us here at Oberk, as we got to help prepare one of the latest Ring Brothers builds the week prior. Wet sanding, paint correction and ceramic coating "CAPTIV" the 69 Dodge Charger
Benefits of Wheel Cleaner’s In 2022

Benefits of Wheel Cleaner’s In 2022

Oberk 2-in-1 Wheel Cleaner 

Oberk's new and improved 2-in1 Wheel Cleaner is the best way to remove everyday brake dust without risking your wheels! With a thicker viscosity, it clings tightly onto vertical surfaces while retaining its foamy mixture of cleaners that will lift even more iron from roads or vehicle systems. Forged specifically for those who want their car care products safe on all painted surfaces including plastic - this one delivers outstanding results no matter what you need cleaned up 

April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
Best Polishing Pads 2022

Best Polishing Pads 2022

The Oberk SFPP (Supreme Foam Polishing Pad) is the perfect option when one step polishes any paint, or as a second step. The 85ppi european foam offers silky smooth feel with unique density to provide flawless finish on all DA and rotary type rosters; this makes it well suited for professionals who want their work done quickly without sacrificing quality! 
April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
Best Iron Wheel cleaner for Car Wheels

Best Iron Wheel cleaner for Car Wheels

The Oberk 2-in1 wheel cleaner is pH neutral, using an advanced chemical formulation for removing iron particles and excessive brake dust without the risk of damaging your most delicate finish. With a thicker viscosity it clings to vertical surfaces while retaining its foamy mixture which includes cleaners picked up from road or vehicle's braking system - leaving you with clean wheels!  
April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
Unique Foam polishing pads designed for your car needs in 2022

Unique Foam polishing pads designed for your car needs in 2022

The Oberk Red pad is the pinnacle of finishing or finish polishing pads on the market today. It is firmer than a black or blue pad, but softer than our yellow pad or orange pad. Perfect for Jeweling paint, polishing, wax or sealant application, as well as general polishing.
April 02, 2022 — David Patterson
Benefits of Using Cutting Pads for your Vehicle

Benefits of Using Cutting Pads for your Vehicle

Benefits of Using Cutting Pads for your vehicle               

To remove scratches and specifically swirl marks on your vehicle, you have to smoothen down the paint's clear coat. The clear coat is the top layer of transparent protective paint that gives your car its sparkle. Initially, you need to remove a small external layer or scratched paint. Then, you need to bring out the flash on the newly exposed surface.

Cutting removes paint more rapidly than polishing. That is why cutting is customarily done first and followed up with polishing to bring back the sparkle. A cutting pad is a more aggressive and typically the initial phase in removing surface defects. After compounding, you won't have a perfect shine, yet most scratches and swirls will be gone.

If you need your vehicle looking new, a cutting pad can assist with eliminating moderate surface defects, such as heavy swirl imprints, scratches, and oxidation. A good quality cutting pad will take the heat created from a heavy cutting compound and spread it equally over the outer layer of your vehicle. 

Cutting, cleaning, and waxing your vehicle is innovative as it assists with working on the finish and overall look of your car. Also, keeping your vehicle's paintwork in top condition will decrease the probability of any body-frame-related issues and make it more significant if you choose to sell it in the future.

A cutting pad can equally bring new life to a vehicle's paintwork. If you plan to get a car that has been neglected back into shape, cutting, cleaning, and waxing will assist you with achieving this.

In this guide, we will show you probably the best cutting pads that will be ideal for getting your vehicle's paintwork in top condition.

Oberk 5.5-inch Microfiber Cutting Pad

When it comes time to polish your vehicle, you want to be sure that you're using the best possible tools for the job - hence we designed the Oberk 5.5” microfiber cutting pad. The Oberk SMFC (Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pad) is the best choice for those who want to have a seamless finish with their project. 

The blend of fibers and perfect length makes this pad easier on your equipment, while providing superior performance that will not leave any residue behind like other pads can do!

Microfiber Cutting Pad from Oberk Car Care with Supreme Cut

Chemical Guys 6.5-inch Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad

This unique cutting pad from Chemical Guys is designed to remove heavy whirl imprints, scratches, and oxidation. Chemical Guys have designed the Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad to work best with polishing compounds and cutting polishes to accomplish the best finish on paintwork that has had years of disregard.

The Orange Euro-Tech foam used to make this Cutting Pad is intended to take heat created from heavy compounding and convey it equitably over the surface. The pad's extra-thick microfiber layer takes the compound and deposit it into swirl marks and scratches to level the character, improving the completion of the paintwork. 

Buff and Shine URO-Fiber Microfiber Multipurpose Pad

If you are searching for a pad that can do everything, Buff and Shine's URO-Fiber Microfiber Pad is a great choice. It is ideally suited for cutting and polishing, waxing, and cleaning. In addition, the multipurpose pad is conceivable by adding cutting and cleaning strands mixed into one pad.

The pad can be utilized to eliminate scratches and swirls from your vehicle's paintwork, and the lower pile height permits the implementation to get a more profound defect removal. Also, buff and Shine have designed their multipurpose pad to be as pretty and solid as possible to last different intense cleaning and cutting sessions.

Meguiar WRWHC7 7" Rotary Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

Meguiar's WRWHC7 Heavy Duty Cutting Pad is a fantastic choice if you love wool cutting pads. The pad is designed to be utilized with rotary polishers and Meguiar's Soft Buff Rotary Backing Plate (WRBP). This pad is exceptionally sturdy; however, it is vital to clean and dry it before use.

March 25, 2022 — David Patterson
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