Written by David Patterson

Photos by David Heller of Centercene and myself.

When a farm truck collides with F1, Enyo is born.

This project has been in the works for over 2 years, and I remember seeing the renderings at the first Gloss U class in 2020.  Obviously, Mike and Jim Ring are huge when it comes to the development and finished product but there are a lot of extremely talented guys I want to shout out that put their passion into making these cars come to life. 

Jason Cox

Chad Haggarty

Adam Richard Federman

Ryan Fielding

Ryan Shwartz

Sean Hilderbrandt

I'm sure I'm missing some, but these guys deserve a shout out.

 Original Renderings and drawings from Gary Ragle

This truck was originally designed and rendered by Gary Ragle. If you aren't familiar with Gary, just search his name online and you can see all the amazing work he's done. Many of the cars RIng Brothers build are drawings and renderings that start  from Gary.  This car is a full CAD designed car done in Alias. What people might not exactly know is that Gary isn't just a designer, he is an OE designer with tons of real world car designing experience.  Scott Ahlman lended a hand in the engineering and design of the chassis itself that was done with assistance from the Roadster Shop.  This 1-off chassis, incorporating cantilevered independent suspension front and rear, corvette torque tube transaxle 480LS transmission with Ohlin shocks and Brembo brakes is just an art piece by itself.  Scott was actually the designer of the 05 Ford GT and made all the details come together. 


The image above is from Christmas 2021, when I was out preparing CAPTIV to get shipped to Australia (or New Zealand, i cant remember).  The side exit exhaust has a cutout, so it can quiet down by going all the way and exiting in the rear.  It sound ridicoulous no matter what.  The maniforld is all custom stainless, but the side exit is all titanium.  Normally people see the burnt blue color, but really titanium welds should look like this if they are done correctly and penetraed the metal properly as well.

This 1948 Original cab was narrowed/chopped 4”, narrowed 4”, lengthened 2” and wedge cut 2-4“ through cab.  The rest of truck built in carbon fiber: 2-piece clamshell hood, belly pans, diffusers, doors, , bed sides, spoiler, brake ducts, side air intakes, fan shrouds, door panels, dash, seats, torque tube, headliner,

  • 1000 hp on race gas, 510 cu in built by Todd Goodwin, Kinsler fuel injection 8-stack, custom one off ss headers with titanium side exhaust
  • Power rear window, air conditioning
  • Too many one-off machined parts in stainless steel and titanium to list
  • Exposed components showcases the cool factor each product brings to the project


It uses an open wheel design using Porsche 911 pin drive wheels by HRE wrapped in 18’ race slicks front and rear. SIngle lug race hubs FTW  The Brembo setup is just the icing on the cake visually.

Shown is 480LS transmission with Ohlin shocks. This car also has air jacks, so it can be jacked up within second with just an air line.

With the carbon fiber side vents off the car, you can see how this ducting directs the airflow from the sides of the car into the rear mounted radiator as well as the oil cooler behind it.

Although I sand a lot of body work by block, I decided to use some of the new RUPES DA interface pads for sanding.  Any opportunity to save some time in areas that don’t need it is important. It takes so long to sand and polish these cars that you need know ways where you can achieve the same or similar result, faster.

Most of the cars are presanded once prior to us coming in, so we usually start with 1000. It usually enough to flatten the areas where there might be peel or sand scratches left.

The autoclave front end parts were a lot heavier than you would think for carbon fiber. I didn’t ask but I would assume it has to do with impact points like the front end and the doors in case of an accident. 

Every single accessible painted panel was polished. Actually, a ton of car got covered in Xpel inside and out to avoid damage during road testing.  It came back looking crazy, and everyone was glad it was filmed.

Chassis designed by Scott Ahlman, designer of ’05 Ford  GT chassis, in conjunction with Roadster Shop for 1-off chassis, incorporating cantilevered independent suspension front and rear, corvette torque tube

In the hood above, you can see the texture on the left side. The right side was sanded with 1000, 1500, 3000 and polished out. The crazy part is that the carbon fiber weave would actually shrink and come back if any heat was induced by polishing.  Really the look and bed sides could use to sit for a year or so before diving back into it. The off gassing of the resin usually needs time to fully settle.

Once the Exhaust was installed, the side skirts were mounted. The exhaust was then quenched to shrink the metal and slightly move everything to make sure the exhaust pipe was centered just perfect.  Most people associate titanium with the burnt purple color, but proper welds on titanium actually look more natural like the ones on these. The manifold was stainless, and is all titanium after the cutouts.  A flip of a switch and the exhaust is routed all the way to the back. It still loud!

The carbon brake ducts are just perfect, and we completely corrected these like everything else.

Connor Harrison of Ch. Detailing polished the valve covers along with the firewall, carbon brake booster and so many more.


Connor and Jason Kilmer corrected the roof out after I removed the PPF.  Connor inspects to make sure its perfect, and it will get PPF installed once it returns from the SEMA show.


“Matty” Matthew Arendt is one of the more detailed guys I know, and I had him tackle the rear truck bed and suspension setup. He knocked it out of the park and got everything looking incredible.  All the shrouds needed polishing and there was a ton of debris from road testing in the belly pan and stuffed in every crevice.

I spent time inside the cab with Connor polishing all the door panels, dash pieced, seats and driveshaft tunnel.

We actually waxed all these cars.  The amount of hands that touch them makes it not worth the time and preparation of ceramic coating. We will most likely tackle this at a later time when the truck comes home.

I love photography, but admittedly I am not great by any means.  Once and a while I Impress myself and the image above was one of those shots. :)

I think the term “Motley Crew” is appropriate for the cars.

Left to right - 

Matthew Arendt - Matthews Specialized Detailing and cohost of Driven by Details Podcast

Dan Smith of Dans Auto Detailing LLC

Myself - David Patterson - Oberk Car Care, Gloss University

Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing

Jason Kilmer of KXK Dynamics, cohost of Driven by Details podcast and Gloss University.

We had a lot of fun shooting pictures the final night after everything was complete.

Photos by Centerscene, cleanliness from Matty :)


Enjoy these amazing shots from David Heller of Centerscene.


 Thanks for taking the time to check out all our BLOGS today, and stay tuned for so much more.

David Patterson

November 07, 2022 — David Patterson
Ring Brothers "STRODE" Carbon Fiber Camaro

Ring Brothers "STRODE" Carbon Fiber Camaro

Written by David Patterson

Photos by Centerscene and David Patterson

If you are at SEMA, this car was just released in the Keytstone Automotive booth 

There was only 2 of these custom built carbon fiber widebody full kits. When I say full kit, I mean a fuill body worth of carbon fiber totalling around 750k before even being installed or painted.

This was the first car Ringbrothers won Battle of the Builders in 2019 before Covid in 2020. Valkerie was a green color with exposed carbon, while the new build is all white,m with matte black where the carbon was previously exposed and orange accent color for the brakes, interior and engine bay.

The whipple charged LS motor is an easy 800-1000hp withpout trying, and the interior is proper for this build.  As with every build, it got a custom set of HRE wheels. This wheel design was actually used on the Ringbrothers G-Code Camaro, which was the first car I was able to work on with Ring Brothers years ago.

Below is Jason Killmer cutting out RIDS and removing the rotary indsuced swirl marks to refine it all down to a showcar finish.

All of these cars were waxed with OBSSSSD x SWISSVAX as well as Swissvax Crystal Rock

We cleaned this car with our ALL NEW Rinseless wash before decontaminating and polishing. Rinseless wash has been announced as well as the Squash air freshener and slated to be released the week of BLACK FRIDAY

Dan SMith tackling the front nose and cleaning up after the cutting step. We had to heavily cut this car due to sanding marks, and the finishing step was done with Oberk Sole and a yellow pad due to how hard it was. 

Many don't know, but Matty and Jason Killmer from Driven by Details Podcast helped develop and bring APS to market. 

November 02, 2022 — David Patterson


I will admit that I am not a huge Mustang guy, but this one really has some cool features and styling that get me. Same with the color combo. The blue and yellow just works with this car. One thing I regret is not grabbing good engine shots on this car. Im not sure what I was thinking, It has a beautiful Coyote 5.0L motor that is just muahhhh!

Matt Arendt puts on the finishing touches before the Mustang takles off for Las Vegas.

Jason Killmer is all smiles when he gets a rotary polisher in his hands,  In this pic, hes cutting down sanding scratches with the Oberk Thundercut pad and Oberk Cut.

ANother one cleaned and clayed with Oberk Rinseless wash, The window trim was damaged by the winow not being aligned properly, so after we cut this car down, they jumped in and air brushed the trim to repair it. We came back to clay the overspray and go right into finis polishing.

Most of this car was actually done by Jason Killmer, but but Dan Smith and myself helper during the cutting step.  This was actually a 3 step process.  We cut heavy panels with a rotary and thundercut pad, but then we followed up with a microfiber pad and sole, and finishing with a yellow foam pad and polishing,

In between the vinyl, the paint was taped and it etched into the clear. I had to tape these off and sand it out prior to compounding. 

This guy........

Iron Free is the way to be. safe on all finishes.

Killmer the seconf day finishing the mustang off before I applied Swissvax OBSSSSD wax, This is an amazing wax that smells great. Ive been using it for years and is a go to for me. Ceramic Coating these cars just doesnt make sense., It will be handled by so many people, and will most likely need repolishing before the owner takes it home. Many of these cars will go other places after SEMA before the come back.  Whether its a trip to Hoonigan, or a tv shoot with Leno, these cars are all over the place, The time, effort and labor just isn't worth the sqeeze.

Put some soue in it....or sole, whatever works.

Watching all the hard work come together. The local cop stopped by to see the cars load up. Mike Ring is usally never visually stressed, and doesa great job with keeping peeopl in a great mood and keeping things light even during a crunch. This year, with 4 cars, hes just had so much into this that I think he was releived it all came together, but stilla week to go.  They actually drove one of the cars out himself. Over the years, Mike has become a friend and someone I look up to, but also sincerely appreciate,  He has supported Gloss University and the Oberk brand over the last couple years and I always look forward to catching up with him and his wife Nancy.  They make everyone feel like family and are top notch hospitality.

Had to snag a picture of the new glass cleaner on the blue seats.  Usually Ring cars have a certain style. the interiopr is no different than the exterior.  They usually have a legend and artist named Steve do all of their interiors. with the amount of wrk this year, they had to have this vehicle get the interior done by Avant Garde in Florida. I think it turned out fantastic, but if you compare the interiors and seats tot he other cars, you can tell it looks differen tan what they have traditionally done.

Of coarse, most of the finished shots and the loaded trailed shots can from David Heller at Centerscene.

Ryan Fielding is the bearded gentleman below is super talented. This guy had a custom motorcycle shop in the past. He is good with fab work, all the way to fine body work, painting, and even air brushing. Super talented guy.

Thanks for reading and tay tuned for the last and most epic car reveal at 2PM PST or 4 PM CST/5PM EST

David Patterson

Oberk Car Care

November 01, 2022 — David Patterson
OFFICIAL SEMA RELEASE - "BULLY" Ring Brother Built, 1200 HP K5 Blazer

OFFICIAL SEMA RELEASE - "BULLY" Ring Brother Built, 1200 HP K5 Blazer

We will be dropping BLOGS all day as these cars are released! Keep checking back for more articles.  We also documented this detail for our Youtube channel and will have that live as soon as the SEMA week is over!

Photos by Centerscene 

Release #1

Vehicle:  Ringbrothers 1972 Chevy Blazer

Vehicle Name: Bully

Designer:  Gary Ragle Designs

Build Hours:  8516   Feb-2018 to Nov-2021

Debut:  2022

Full spec list at end of BLOG


We detailed Bully last year upon completion, but had to put in some time getting the paint back to the condition needed for display, as well as over 8 ours of tire cleaning to get them perfect.


“Bully” is a K-5 Blazer that is inspired by the owner’s history as a professional baseball player and encompasses some really cool interior features like the baseball mitt seats.  The endless amounts of awesome custom parts sets this build off compared to any other K5 I’ve ever seen.


The custom multipiece HRE wheels are reverse mounted to hide the hardware. These wheels may look familiar, as they were the same ones used on the rapper Futures green k5 Blazer build from last year that we detailed. See image below 


This Supercharged LS3 engine build puts down a whopping 1200 ponies to power the super meaty tires.  Those HRE wheels and monster Cooper tires is a custom set of camo pattern carbon fiber flares in a matte/dry carbon style.  The front end sports a fully machined front grill, machined intake scoops and endless custom bits that make this whole truck one off.


Check out the following sets of pictures from David Heller of Centerscene as well as pictures from us working on it over the last week.


The next release is the BIGGEST one yet and drops in 30 minutes……GET READY!




 Dan Smith of Dans Specialized Detailing LLC adn Dave Patterson of Oberk and Perfect Shine LLC correct and inspect the paint for a flawless finish for the eyes at SEMA in the HRIA booth (Hot Rod International Association)



4-wheel independent suspension

Free form for heavy off-road

Semi-permanent soft top with removable T-top panels

Custom composite hood with billet machined blower covers

Extensive interior modifications and one-off machined parts

Suspended rear seat, floating dash with gauges

Carbon wheel flares in camo pattern

Door handles mounted in top of doors



Engine: Wegner Motorsports 416 LS3  1160HP

Forced Induction: 4.5 Liter Whipple

Engine Extras: Holley Dominator Fuel Management System

Transmission:  Automatic 4L80E

Drive Shaft:  Roadster Shop supplied



Chassis & Front/Rear Suspension:  Roadster Shop – custom front & rear

Shock Manufacturer:  Roadster Shop

Front Sway Bars:   Roadster Shop

Rear End:  Roadster Shop supplied



Header Manufacturer: Flowmaster

Header Details:  Customized by Ringbrothers

Exhaust Manufacturer: Flowmaster 44 Stainless Steel


Wheels and Tires

Wheel Manufacturer:  Custom HRE Wheels

Front/Rear Wheel Size:   18” x 12”

Tire Manufacturer:  BF Goodrich T/A KO2 (Coopers, but list BF Goodrich)

Front/Rear Tire Size:   325-65-18



Front/Rear Manufacturer: Baer

Front Caliper Specs: 6P Extreme 15”

Rear Caliper Specs: 6P Extreme 14”



Fuel Pump: Twin Walbro 450 LPH pumps

Fuel Tank/Cell: Custom by Rick’s Hot Rods

Fuel Management:   Holley Dominator System



Wiring Harness:  Painless Wiring





Chrome:  Advanced Plating & Custom Chrome Plating

Paint Manufacturer: BASF Glasurit Waterborne

Paint Color:  Bashful Blue (MB086.80)

Paint Booth: Global Finishing Solutions



Interior:  Full custom upholstery by Upholstery Unlimited

Gauges: Dakota Digital

Steering Wheel:  Custom designed by Ringbrothers, machined by Sparc Industries

A/C System:  None



Corporate Sponsors                                                  Product Sponsors

BASF/Glasurit                                                             C-Tek

Flowmaster – Holley                                                  E-Stopp

HRE Wheels                                                                 GFS – Global Finishing Solutions

Motul                                                                           Heat Shield Products

Miller Welding


Painless Wiring

Warn Industries


One-Off RB Parts

Taillights                                          Side markers                                  Front turn indicators

Front and rear bumpers              Grill surround                                Intake vents

Headlight buckets with upper/lower bars                                          Running boards

Front and rear skid plate light bezels                                                  Master brake cylinder base

Side rollbar covers                        Bedside rails                                   Tie down clips

Tailgate handle                              Door handles                                  Battery charge port cover

Bully badging                                 Grab handles                                  Glovebox cover & grab handle

Radio bezel                                     Shifter & 4x4 bezels                      Dash knobs

Roll bar clamps                              Rear seat clamps                           Gas cap and insert

Wheel center caps



November 01, 2022 — David Patterson
Detailed : 1967 BMW 1600

Detailed : 1967 BMW 1600

The Next Detail was one that didn’t go as planned. This all original 1967 BMW 1600 has only 12k original miles and a stunning example. The pale ivory color fits this car so well, but needed some serious work to get right.  When the owner asked about getting it in, his main concern was preservation of the rubber seals, gaskets and trim.  Some of the seals were dry rotting and staring to crack, while others still showing little to no wear.

We started by cleaning and clay baring the painted surfaces as well as the glass. Most of the trim on this car is raw steel or aluminum, so everything needed to be tapped of to avoid altering the finish.  Before we got started, we took one of our new beta products to rejuvenate the seals.  We cleaned all the seales that wer solid and in tact with oberk Tire and rubber cleaner to get a good base for the conditioner to bond. We used a hyper concentrated water based silicone and brushed all the rubber seals on the inside and left them to soak.  All the exterior seals and trim were treated post paint correction to avoid issues with tape adhering or additional issues.

We measured the paint and got a good average of 4mils on this paint which is thick for the single stage factory paint on this car. It’s likely it didn’t get polished much or at all after being delivered from the factory.  The horizontal surfaces like the hood, roof, and trunk had major etchings, defects and scratches that needed to be addressed. Typically, on cars like this, I actually choose light polishing over correction unless the customer asks, but I made the decision that we needed to really cut this car down to “exfoliate” some of the dead paint that was at the surface.  On a newer Vehicle, I would actually choose to sand this paint, but to avoid changing the texture on the paint, I choose to heavily cut the paint. We tested both wool and microfiber pads, and while the wool finished better, the microfiber created a more uniform leveled surface.  The final combination was the standard Oberk Microfiber cutting pad and Oberk Cut Compound. We didn’t chase defects and scratches but did an intensive cutting session where we measured regularly and removed .3 mils on the top surfaces, and much less on the sides. This still left plenty of measurable paint for the vehicle and made it look a lot better.

Once we get to the polishing step, we quickly realized that the paint did not like to be polished with foam. It would gloss the surface very well, but almost magnify defects and actually cause its own defects or marring that made the paint look worse.   After a few sections, we actually chose to use the Rupes Yellow wool pad paired with Oberk Sole. This provided a perfect finish for us to lay down out Swissvax Crystal Rock Carnauba Wax to seal in the paintwork.

This Detail was actually pretty in depth, and we have video from this detail also. We had about 30 hours in the paint and seal rejuvenating, and before wrapping up, lightly detailed the trunk, engine bay and interior.  We hand polished the brightwork both on the inside and the outside of the car, cleaned the floormats, and polished all the paint in the engine and door jambs as well.

The owner of this car has a soft spot for this car, as his first car ever was a BMW 1600, so the detail and experience was something special. I had a lot of help on this to complete it from Zach Minch, who is a local car enthusiast and hobbyist detailer.  We helped as we slowly polished the car to get it looking the way it does now.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the video!

David Patterson

Oberk Car Care

October 17, 2022 — David Patterson
FIAT X19 Preservation Detail

FIAT X19 Preservation Detail

We recently had the opportunity to do a preservation detail and polishing service to a 1976 Fiat X19 that has been tastefully modified and well kept for decades.  While I don’t know all the exact details of this car, it has many aftermarket parts, cometizione parts as well as some really cool body part and wheels.

This targa came in for protection and preservation. The factory paint is failing but all still original and even.  The goal of this service was to lightly polish the paint to remove light scratching, deepen the color, remove some water spots and treat everything with our favorite Swissvax concours wax.  When polishing, we really wanted to minimize too much physical liquid on the pad to avoid impregnating and pushing any solvents and debris into the cracks of the paint, rather run a dryer pad and work very cleanly. 

A lot of the trim pieces were removed to clean behind them and airbrush with Gtechnic trim coating including engine grilles. Many of the parts went back on with the factory cosmoline still intact. We didn’t want to clean or remove any of that factory coating. While it doesn’t look good, it does protect the surface and takes away from the originality from the car as well.

All of the flat black parts were cleaned with a beta water spot remove that we have been working on, and then followed up with paint prep and ceramic coating to help protect them the best as we can.

The brightwork was all lightly hand polished to give a nice appearance but not overpolihsed, and we cleaned the tires to give them that new look.


A couple notable pieces that make this car are the FAZA snorkel engine cover intake that shoots air into the Webber carbs. The Abarth Steering weheel gives a nice tough and feel on the interior and the ATS wheels give it the perfect look and period correct add on.


The Bertone styling and designe is definitely unique and has had a timeless feel that has become more collectable. We polished inside the engine cover, under the front bumper and did a light detail on the interior to freshen everything up.


We didn’t have enough time to do a video, not to mention the fact that I am not the most knowledgeable about these cars, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and blog write up.  The paint work was polished with Sole and a yellow pad for a one step process and beautiful results.


Thanks for reading!

Dave Patterson

Oberk Car Care

October 11, 2022 — David Patterson
Detailing the OLDEST Honda Civic in the UK

Detailing the OLDEST Honda Civic in the UK

We have a new YouTube video live!  Below is a breif description of what we do in the video and below that is a series of pictures from the process and a little BLOG to go along with it.  

Check out -  CLICK HERE   to watch!

In this video we do a preservation style detail to the oldest Honda Civic registered in the UK. This vehicle was originally white but was refinished in the original sunset orange color years ago. While the paint job was very good, it’s been years since it has seen a good paint correction and full detailing. We do a full interior detail, polish all the paint on the inside of the car, remove some tape and install paint protection film in the inside to protect a signature.  We completely detail the engine bay as well as condition all the hosed and polish the paint to prepare for ceramic coating. This car has a 1.4L engine from Triumph Acclaim that was fully built. This was a Honda designed engine that was similar to the RS and was interchangeable with the factory engine.  With a variety of parts like BC coilovers, Baird wheels, Mugen valve covers, carbs and more, this car is super cool as well as very collectable and valuabl

Check out the VIDEO to see more!


September 25, 2022 — David Patterson
EVENT BLOG Gloss University Ring Brothers Class August, 2022

EVENT BLOG Gloss University Ring Brothers Class August, 2022

Well, as many of you may already know, we sponsored and participated in the recent Gloss University Class in August that took place at the Ring Brothers - Classic Autobody in Spring Green Wisconsin.  If you aren't familiar with Ring Brothers, just google them, and you'll find endless pictures and articles.  I was blown away when the first car I detailed for them was on Jay Leno's Garage, and since then have continued to work with them on the tail end of their car builds. This was the second class Gloss U held at Ring Brothers, and the instructors included Eron "Knoxy" Knox, Jason "winger aka sandman" Killmer, myself (David Patterson), and Matty Arendt.  We had guest instructors Dylan and Nick from Rupes to join as well as well as sponsors from Vyper chair, Oberk, Rupes, Autofiber, Gtechniq, Car Supplies Warehouse and more.

The class was amazing. The Rupes guys presented on the first day, as well as some dry ice demos from Dry Ice Energy in Germany.  The group of guys from Gtechniq helped demonstrate coating application, as well as contributing total Surface Protection kits to each student in the class. Between all the sponsors, students took home a lot of great product and prizes.  We covered a variety of topics related to hands on training and technical skills, and We focused on hand block sanding while the Rupes guys covered DA sanding process and techniques.


The dinner Saturday evening is always the best. We had a restaurant reserved for us that has amazing food, and the environment was just right for everyone to relax to Matty jamming on the guitar. Mike and Nancy Ring are some of the best hosts you could have and set the tone once again for an incredible weekend that everyone enjoyed. 

We wrapped everything up with theory, more hands on direct training, and tons of great giveaway items.


We had a ton of great people there including Eric Joseph, Kris, Jared and Evan from Gtechniq, Alex Russell from the detail solutions podcast, Thomas from Adaptiv Lighting and a ton more.  Gloss University classes are packed with a ton of knowledge, but is a total experience to get away for the weekend, have fun with likeminded people, learn a ton, eat great food, make new friends and just soak it all in.  We can't wait for the next venue and event!

September 06, 2022 — David Patterson
WEKFEST Chicago Blog continued the goods...........

WEKFEST Chicago Blog continued the goods...........

Wekfest Chicago was an absolute blast, and we did a short blog aftert the event, but we didnt include the majority of pictures we took of other cars at the event.  Wekfest has traditionally been a Japanese based show, but with the crowd of enthusiasts aging, new ones forming, and new styles emerging, started to see a lot more europ cars as well as some vintage and US built cars with tasteful Japanese styling or Japanese parts themselves.

Chicago brings out some nice cars, and we tried to share some pics that show the diversity as well as the styling variations we saw at the show.  We love all cars...Drift cars, show cars, small modified hatchbacks, and nasty widebody heavy hitters.  From 240sx's, GTR skylines, s2000s and even Camaeros, and the wheel variety just the same.  SSr's Mugen wheels, Volk, Rays, Work, Avandt Garde and more. Each has a unique reason or aspect about them that makes them desireable to modify or collect. Enjoy!

Words by David Patterson

Photos by Cody Martin

The 3 piece Blitz wheels on this R32 Skyline really stood out with the body color, and are one of the more valuable wheels with the market inflating.


Simple and clean, but an authentic S13 Silvia sitting on Work Meister wheels. Only so many cars can pull off SSR Vienna wheels but they look awesome when done right.

Yum :) 

Thanks for checking it out and make sure you subscribe for our new upcoming blogs....

August 29, 2022 — David Patterson
Ring Brothers "CAGED" 1964.5 Widebody, Coyote Powered Mustang convertible

Ring Brothers "CAGED" 1964.5 Widebody, Coyote Powered Mustang convertible

This Mustang looks pretty factory in the styling, but it is so much more than meets the eye.  Mike and Jim Ring build some of the most insane custom cars around. These guys arent just building cars from drawings, they are designed with automotive engineers and drawns and styled from some of the best designers in the world.  Functional in a world of one off and aesthetic chaos, this build is rather tame compared to past builds, as well as some special ones for this upcoming SEMA.

Like most of the builds as of the last 5-7 years, we made the trek out to do the final sanding and polishing work. Dan Smith, from Dan's Automotive detailing came out to help me with this project.  We had actually finished correcting and fully ceramic coating this car when we found out the customer had decided he wanted the car covered in ppf.  The car was then repolished and wrapped in suntek from our friend Connor Harrison at CH Detailing.   Regardless of the detailing process (we have a video coming soon), the car is what is really exciting :)

The first thing most wouldnt notice is that the car is a full 2" wider. Each side was pulled out 1" and still retains the factory style body lines to keep everyhing subtle.  The front grille is set back about 2" that feeds the Ford Coyote engine with plenty of upgrades.  It has a 1080R gearbox, custom wheels and finished in a custom nickel accent for most of the build.

There isnt much that isnt custom on this car, even if it looks factory.

Enjoy the pics and keep shining on!

Dave Patterson

Oberk Car Care

August 11, 2022 — David Patterson
All Purpose Soap is Here! Plant based power

All Purpose Soap is Here! Plant based power

Oberk APS is our all new All Purpose Soap that we developed to differentiate between soaps on the market.  Many soaps we find currently are Ph neutral and offer a means of lubrication to manually wash the vehicle. Other very aggressive soaps can either be alkaline or acidic cleaners that work extremely well, but risk damaging sensitive materials and metals.  Oberk All Purpose soap is a Plant Based formula with no odor, that was originally formulated in the semi-truck washing industry. Washing Semi trucks can be challenging because they get very dirty, but also very hard to clean all at once without drying.  Our Staywet technology helps keep maximum lubricity while increasing the dwell time . Along with that, the formula is easier to rinse from the surface if partially dried without registration. This is all of coarse if you use 100% filtered water.  Additionally, this formula attacks salt build up and salt sprays often used in northern states that get snow and colder weather.  Oberk soap is the perfect solution for mobile detailers but also works fantastic as a prep soap prior to the paint correction process, or as a maintenance soap for ceramic coated vehicles.  This soap with strip most waxes and polymer based sealants.  While this isn’t a "foam soap", and doesn’t have a heavy foam, if used as a prewash it pulls, lifts and drags the dirt and debris from the surface to then be pressure washed off. This can actually be used a s a hand free wash is used on a well maintained, ceramic coated vehicle. 

This solution works in 3 ways -

1. Traditional washing method - add .5oz per gallon

2. Foam Cannon prewash - 2-4oz per cannon

3. Mix 1:4 in spray bottle for bug remover (foaming sprayer or IK foamer suggested

To find out more, click any pictures, 

On Sale now at

August 09, 2022 — David Patterson
Memorial Day Sale - Remembering the ones lost

Memorial Day Sale - Remembering the ones lost

On this day we observe and remember those who put their lives before ours, and paid the ultimate part for our freedom.  With increasing polarity and politics, it has been difficult for many to express their love and their support for what makes this country great in fear of being viewed the one who doesn't understand the mistakes in history.  Today we let go of political bias being pushed in our daily lives from both sides, and we embrace the love and appreciation for those who have served selflessly to ultimately lose the one thing they controlled at the cost of our freedom and the ability to live the lives we have today.

In remembrance of the ones who served and the ultimate sacrificed, were offering 30% off one day only on any size wheel and tire cleaning products. This will be sent out in email and text the morning of, so if you caught this blog, you got an early peak!  

Sale starts at 12:01AM Monday and ends at Midnight CST

May 26, 2022 — David Patterson