Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing of Wisconsin polishing on Ring Brothers "Tusk" 1969 Charger for SEMA 2023

Ring Brothers "Tusk" Part 2

This Blog will consist of a full album shot by Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing during the paint correcting and preperation for SEMA 2023


If you havent already checked out or VLOGS of SEMA prep, check out the first two parts below - 


Ring Brothers Tusk Right Front Fender during paint correction process

Ring Brothers Tusk 1969 Charger Right Door during paint correction

ring brothers tusk 1969 charger rear trunk during wet sanding process to refine paint

1969 dodge charger right sail panel sanded ready for polishing

Right side 1969 Dodge Charger Tusk by Ring Brothers door polished

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Photography by Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing

November 29, 2023 — David Patterson
24k original mile 1998 Integra Type R NH0 Championship white ITR - King Motorsports - Oberk Car Care

Detailing a 24k Original mile USDM Integra Type R

We took on this project for King Motorsports to bring this Interga Type R back to show room condition, or as close as we could.  In sunlight and in natural lighting, this car looked amazing, but quickly found out that it was heavily swirled with a ton or random isolated defects.
November 29, 2023 — David Patterson
SEMA Behind the Scenes - RINGBROTHERS "TUSK"

SEMA Behind the Scenes - RINGBROTHERS "TUSK"

Ring Brothers 2023 SEMA Reveal - "TUSK"
Photography by Connor Harrison of CH Detailing

Ring Brothers Unveils Stunning 1969 Charger with "Hellephant" Engine

Ring Brothers, the renowned automotive innovators, are back in the spotlight with their latest masterpiece, a meticulously crafted 1969 Charger. This stunning vehicle redefines subtlety, leaving anything less than stock in its dust.

At the heart of this beast is the formidable 1000hp "Hellephant" crate engine, guaranteeing that this Charger is anything but sluggish. The engine bay boasts a masterful custom design while maintaining an OEM appearance that seamlessly aligns with the stock crate engine. The result is a clean, reliable powerhouse that could easily be mistaken for a creation straight out of Dodge's own factory.

The front grille is a true work of art, milled from a single piece of aluminum weighing in at over 500 lbs. Ring Brothers developed custom jigs to secure this massive component during the multi-step machining process.

Numerous modifications have been applied to seamlessly integrate the bumpers with the body. Additionally, a full custom Roadster Shop chassis has been employed, with a modified wheelbase for improved body alignment and enhanced weight distribution.

The custom-finished Anodized gold wheels perfectly complement the billet machined hood vents, which have been coated by HRE to ensure a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Customized fenders feature reverse vents machined from billet aluminum, paint-matched to achieve a polished, clean appearance. Behind the striking HRE wheels, you'll find the powerful Gold BAER Brakes.

The interior exudes the same understated elegance as the exterior, showcasing tasteful elements and upgrades like a carbon fiber rearview mirror and restomod enhancements.

This car was painted months before we started this project, and Mike Ring and the guys had done the initial cut and polish where they started with 600 grit and slowly flattened the surface and refined down to 3000/5000 grit. After the paint had a bit to sit, shrink, and cure, we jumped in for a 3 day session to prepare for its debut at SEMA 2023

The first thing we did was tape off all the non painted panels to avoid any accidental contact with sandpaper and began to evalute the surface.  WHile there was some random random isolated scratches that were not polished out, this paint looked really good to start with.

Dave decided to tackls a couple of panels with some shrinkage with P1000 and refined to 5k. The rest of the vehicle was sanded with 5k Trizact to make the cutting process easier and more complete.  This helped refine any of the fine defects from sitting arounf and give us a clean slate to make sure and sanding marks were not missed.

After everything was sanded, we cut the entire vehicle with a Rotary polisher.

Large panels received the Oberk Thundercut Silk Wool pad paired with Oberk. Cut.

All the edgework was done with a knitted wool style pad.  We have been prototype testing a knitted wool pad for almost a year now with great results. We used some Rupes Yellow Wool as well as Lake Country Low Lint wool as well to continue to dial in how we want the pad to perform.  Both Pads are excellent, but differentiate themselves in different ways. The Low Lint wool pad is more aggressive, but the Rupes Yellow wool offers a more refined edge, finish and cleanliness. We hopw to have this pad dialed in for Release sometime in 2024.

The rotary allowed us to have the best control to polish edges out without the risk of damaging the edgework. After everythign was cut, we refined the paint down with the Oberk microfiber cutting pad and Oberk Sole.

After the second step was done, we completely finished down the paint with Oberk Polish.  The paint looked almost perfect after the sole step, but we wanted to make sure any of the contours were finished down.  Many times if the pad is tilted, andgled or masaged into areas, the edge of the pad may leave light hazing not present on a flat surface. The red pad worked great to work those curved areas and create a deep wet finish.

We have a ton more video that photography :)

Stay tuned for an exciting YouTube VLOG, where we detail this incredible car along with two other remarkable Ring Brothers creations on display at SEMA 2023. As always, our talented friends played a crucial role in bringing this project to life:

  • David Patterson of Oberk Car Care
  • Dan Smith of Dan's Auto Detailing
  • Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing
  • Matt Arendt of Driven By Details Podcast and Gloss University

Experience the epitome of automotive craftsmanship with Ring Brothers, where innovation and expertise meet to create automotive masterpieces.



Rupes Mark 3 15mm  - 5" DA

Rupes pneumatic lhr75 3" DA polisher 15mm orbit  

Flex PXE mini polisher 1", 2" , amd 3"

Rupes Ibrid Polisher - 1" and 2"

FLEX PE-14 Rotary 


Polishes - 

Oberk Cut - Oberk Thundercut Silkwool

Oberk Sole - Oberk Microfiber

Oberk Polish - Oberk Red Foam


Sandpaper -

3M wet/Dry 1000/1500/2000

3M Trizact 3000 and 5000

Waxed With Swissvax 


Glass - Oberk Glass Cleaner

Paint - Oberk Rinseless Wash and Quick Detailer

Interior cleaner - APS diluted 1:15

Wheels and Tires -

Oberk Wheel Cleaner

Oberk Tire Cleaner

Oberk Slick Shoes Dressing 1:2 on tires


Enjoy the Finished Photography of David Heller of Center Scene

October 31, 2023 — David Patterson
Oberk Slick Shoes Water Based Dressing Concentrate

Oberk Slick Shoes Water Based Dressing Concentrate

“Hey, you guys!” Oberk "Slick Shoes" Super Dressing Concentrate - the tire whisperer and plastic massuer. Whether you're dealing with interior or exterior plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, or tires, Slick Shoes is here to revive, protect, and make your surfaces shine brighter than a lighthouse in a storm!

What is APS, and How Can it Be used?

What is APS, and How Can it Be used?

Oberk All Purpose Soap was developed to offer something truely unique in the car washing or world of automotive soaps.  It isnt like any other soap on the market today, and is versitile enough to be used as a soap, but also as an engine bay cleaner, bug remover, and even an interior cleaner that is used by the largest Ferrari dealership in the United states for reconditioning all of their used cars as well as cleaning customers cars that have been serviced or repaired. This incredible product is 100% plant based and has no additional fragrance. It replaces the need for having both an all purpose cleaner or APC and car wash soap.

Beverly Hills Ferrari actually uses APS soap to remove and repair the "sticky button" issue that many have read about or experiences with high end Italian or European sports cars.

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For the Month of August 2023, we are offering a free 32oz labeled spray bottle with purchase of any size APS. Have matching bottles and labels to keep the flow of your shop and garage.

With everything Oberk, #RemoveTheGuessWork has always been our #1.5 focus. I say that because it is almost equal to product QUALITY when it comes to our main objectives.  Our goal is not only to simplify the process of detailing your vehicle, but simplify the amount of productrs needed to perform a job at a high level without sacrificing performance.

With that being said, I wanted to make a little guide on what Oberk products we reccomend for each area or surface of your vehicle along with a couple hints. ;)

Here is a quick easy to use guide for what products we suggest for cleaning your vehicle - 
- Oberk APS - directions on bottle
- Oberk Rinseless Wash
- Oberk APS 1:7 or 1:8 - 3-4oz per 32oz bottle
- Oberk Rinseless wash diluted to suggested for Quick Detailer
- Oberk Rinseless Wash diluted to suggested mixture
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
- Oberk APS 1:7 or 3-4oz per 32oz bottle
- Tire Cleaner
- Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner with iron remover
- Oberk Tire Cleaner - Tire cleaner works great as a cost effective wheel cleaner to use in between heavier wheel cleaner.  the raw chemical that removes iron from wheels also browns tires. For this reason we always reccomend cleaning wheels first, then tires.  Iron removing wheel cleaners are extremely effective, but aren't always necessary on well kept cars. For this reason, Oberk Tire cleaner is a great solution for keeping your wheels and tires clean and save some coin too!
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
- note - if tires are extremely bad and uneven, a citrus solvent or even a petroleum based solvent may be advised as a precleaner prior to using Oberk Tire cleaner. The Oberk Tire cleaner can help even the look of the tire after a solvent is used and give a like new finish to even some of the grimiest tires.
- Oberk Glass Cleaner
- Oberk APS - 2oz per 32oz bottle or 1:15
Safe on leather and all interior surfaces - awesome OEM finish with no streaks or rinsing required.
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
Oberk "Slick Shoes" 
- Coming Soon
- Oberk TAAR (Tar and Adhesive Remover)
Also great for PPF and tint adhesive remover
Modest Show Case - St. Paul, Mn - Presented by Drive Cartel

Modest Show Case - St. Paul, Mn - Presented by Drive Cartel

oberk booth modest 2023
The show was filled with a ton of great cars and people in the industry. Brian Jannusch from Top Rank Imports was hanging out at the show as well as Alex Martinez from Martini Works.
Alex, or Alex Martini has made a big name for himself creating automotive based content and works with some of the biggest brands in the industry to share knowledge and cover events. He is local to Wisconsin and was also the founder of WCEC or the Wisconsin Car Enthusiasts Club. Marke sure you check out his youtube content. 
This Datsun build was just incredible.......
Well deserved "Best of Show"
The new Civic Type R in "Boost Blue" Looks amazing in person!
This imported JDM 180sx was definitly done very well and i really enjoyed the fine details.
The Work Equip wheels were a nice touch.
There were a few really nice S2000 builds from OEM+ to heavily modified....
Always love seeing nice FC RX7's
Lots ox 1/2JZ powered S chassis cars in both show and drift form....
Tou and his team at Yelo Autosport were putting out, participating in raffles and enjoying time with the local car community.  He had his personal NSX as well as a beautiful FD RX7 present for the show.
We took home some awards within the crew and it was an awesome time!  Thanks
See everyone at the Chicago Super Meet this weekend in Joliet at Rt66
July 18, 2023 — David Patterson
VLOG - How to identify and remove factory paint shrinkage and dieback on a brand new Dodge Hellcat

VLOG - How to identify and remove factory paint shrinkage and dieback on a brand new Dodge Hellcat

In this VLOG we document our paint correction process to avoid sanding on this brand new Dodge Hellcat that Mike Ring of the Ring Brothers just picked up. We wanted to get this paint dialed in before we ceramic coated all the surfaces for the ultimate lok and proitection for regular use.

Check out the video by clicking on the image below!

If you havent subscribved, we really appreciate if you do. It really helps us and we hope you enjoy the content.

- David Patterson

Oberk Car Care

Gloss University

youtube thumbnail for Dodge Hellcat video for insane transformation

Insane Transformation on a NEW Hellcat : How To Fix Factory Paint Shrinkage on Mike Ring's new car! Matt Arendt of Driven By Details Podcast/ Gloss University and David Patterson from Oberk Car Care detail factory paint defects on Mike Rings of the Ring Brothers new personal car. This Plun Crazy Dodge Hellcat has some of the worst paint shrinkage and factory die back i have seen in a very long time to the point it almost looked like solvent pop and overspray mixed. after we corrected the paint, we ceramic coated all the surfaces. #detailing #cleaning #restoration #preservation #hellcat #detail #newcar Subscribe - Support a good cause and buy an Oberk Meech Sticker. All sales go directly to Autism Speaks once all stickers are sold. -

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Amazon Links - (All products in order of use for this detail)

Oberk Wheel Cleaner -

Wheel Brushes and tools - Oberk Tire Cleaner -

Tire Brush -

Oberk APS Soap - Wash Mitt -

Grit Guards - Drying Towel -

Drying Aid - Oberk rinseless diluted as per instructions to quick detailer solution. Also used as clay lubricant -

Clay Magic Claybar - masking tape -

Step 1 - Rotary Polisher with Prototype wool Pad ( to be released in near future) and Oberk Cut -

Oberk Supreme Cut and Oberk Microfiber Pads -

Step 2 -

Oberk Sole Polish -

Oberk Yellow Foam Pad -

I use apx 4 pads per car

Polishers used -

Dewalt cordless rotary -

Rupes Mark 3 15mm -

Rupes pneumatic lhr75 3" DA polisher 15mm orbit - Flex PXE mini polisher -

Rupes Ibrid Polisher -

Ceramic Coating Paint coating - Gtechniq Serum Ultra - Pro application only Wheel coating -

Glass coating for windows - G1 (not G5)

Trim coating - C4 Sealant topper -

Ultimate Glass Cleaner -

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group shot of attendees for the creator summit 2023 at car supplies warehouse

Creator Summit 2023 @ The Bays - Car Supplies Warehouse social media event

The Creator Summit 2023 was the first event of its kind that was setup and organized by Jason Otterness and the team at Chicago Auto Pros. This event was to connect some of the industries leading brands with some of the biggest influencers and content creators in the detasiling space. From Pan the Organizer, to The Detail Solutions Podcast, there was a little of everything ranging from experts in the TikTok space, to podcasts, Instagram and Youtube.
April Showers bring Free posters and the ALL NEW OBERK ULTIMATE GLASS CLEANER

April Showers bring Free posters and the ALL NEW OBERK ULTIMATE GLASS CLEANER

At Oberk Car Care, we're always looking for ways to show our appreciation to our customers. That's why we're excited to announce our latest promotion: In April, every order will come with a free 11”x17” poster! Plus, we're introducing our all-new Oberk Ultimate Glass Cleaner to help keep your windows and mirrors sparkling clean.
April 03, 2023 — David Patterson
February Posters Are Here!

February Posters Are Here!

At Oberk, we love so many types and generations of automobiles, and we love to celebrate style of heavily modified vehicles, factory original preservations and even restorations.  From Japanese classics, vintage concours historic vehicles, European sports cars, and hot rod builds are just a few.  The evalution of how we build and modify vehicles has started to cross and blend styles or design from all areas of the automotive aftermarket. We colloborated with CenterScene Media to bring you a limited endition Calendar for 2023, and with that we have decided to offer limited edition 11x17" prints each month of the same vehicle featured in our Calendar.

January Posters sold out February Posters are here S2000 Free

January Posters sold out before the end of the month so make sure you scoop yours before they are gone.

We ran 100 print for each month and January's K5 Blazer was one people loved!  To keep with the "Valentine" theme, this month we are featuring this beautiful NFR AP1 Honda S2000. 

You can get one 2 ways

- Get one FREE with every order. Any product, and amount, anything!

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These are matte prints on premium 100lb weight stock with digital vectorized images of photoshoots and vehicles captured by David Heller of Centerscene Media and David Patterson of Oberk Care Care.  Each vehicle was a project we did or participoated in over the last year or so.

Click on any of the images to shop and get one now! 

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vector S2000 tri spoke David Patterson Oberk AP1 NFR J's racing

February 02, 2023 — David Patterson
Jessie's Classics and Customs - SEMA Build - 1968 Dodge Charger - wet sand and polish

Jessie's Classics and Customs - SEMA Build - 1968 Dodge Charger - wet sand and polish

David Patterson of Oberk Car Care and Matty Arendt of Driven By Details podcast recently embarked on a journey to Chelsea, Michigan to wetsand and machine polish a custom SEMA build 1967 Dodge Charger built by Jesse's Classics and Customs. The 1967 Dodge Charger, known for its distinctive design and powerful performance, was transformed into a custom show car for the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show.
February 02, 2023 — David Patterson


Written by David Patterson

Photos by David Heller of Centercene and myself.

When a farm truck collides with F1, Enyo is born.

The products used are what we love and support people and products who support us as well. Some of the links below are paid sponsors, but still represent product we support and enjoy using with great results.

KXK Sandpaper -

3M P1000 P1500 and P2000 wet/dry paper

P1000 - P1500 -

P2000 -

3M 3" and 6" Purple 1500 trizact discs -

3" -

6" -

3M Trizact 3000 3" and 6" Discs Machines -

Dewalt Cordless Rotray -

Rupes Rotary Polisher -

Rupes Ibrid 1' and 2" polisher -

Rupes 3" LHR 75 pneumatic polisher (best 3" polisher out) -

Rupes 15mm polisher Mark III -

KXK Dynamics  sanding blocks -

KXK Dynamics sandpaper -

Oberk Rinseless Wash -

Adaptiv inspection light -

Microfiber towels -

Tire – Rubber- Plastic cleaner -

Wash Sponge -

Bucket, dolly, and grit guard setup -

Grit guard if you already have your own 5 gallon buckets -

Oberk APS soap -

Oberk 2 in 1 wheel cleaner -

Oberk Cut and other polishes -

Oberk polishing pads -

Solution Finihs trim restorer -

Mirka 3" sander -

Rupes 6" Sander -

Tornador Blow Gun -

This project has been in the works for over 2 years, and I remember seeing the renderings at the first Gloss U class in 2020.  Obviously, Mike and Jim Ring are huge when it comes to the development and finished product but there are a lot of extremely talented guys I want to shout out that put their passion into making these cars come to life. 

Jason Cox

Chad Haggarty

Adam Richard Federman

Ryan Fielding

Ryan Shwartz

Sean Hilderbrandt

I'm sure I'm missing some, but these guys deserve a shout out.

 Original Renderings and drawings from Gary Ragle

This truck was originally designed and rendered by Gary Ragle. If you aren't familiar with Gary, just search his name online and you can see all the amazing work he's done. Many of the cars RIng Brothers build are drawings and renderings that start  from Gary.  This car is a full CAD designed car done in Alias. What people might not exactly know is that Gary isn't just a designer, he is an OE designer with tons of real world car designing experience.  Scott Ahlman lended a hand in the engineering and design of the chassis itself that was done with assistance from the Roadster Shop.  This 1-off chassis, incorporating cantilevered independent suspension front and rear, corvette torque tube transaxle 480LS transmission with Ohlin shocks and Brembo brakes is just an art piece by itself.  Scott was actually the designer of the 05 Ford GT and made all the details come together. 


The image above is from Christmas 2021, when I was out preparing CAPTIV to get shipped to Australia (or New Zealand, i cant remember).  The side exit exhaust has a cutout, so it can quiet down by going all the way and exiting in the rear.  It sound ridicoulous no matter what.  The maniforld is all custom stainless, but the side exit is all titanium.  Normally people see the burnt blue color, but really titanium welds should look like this if they are done correctly and penetraed the metal properly as well.

This 1948 Original cab was narrowed/chopped 4”, narrowed 4”, lengthened 2” and wedge cut 2-4“ through cab.  The rest of truck built in carbon fiber: 2-piece clamshell hood, belly pans, diffusers, doors, , bed sides, spoiler, brake ducts, side air intakes, fan shrouds, door panels, dash, seats, torque tube, headliner,

  • 1000 hp on race gas, 510 cu in built by Todd Goodwin, Kinsler fuel injection 8-stack, custom one off ss headers with titanium side exhaust
  • Power rear window, air conditioning
  • Too many one-off machined parts in stainless steel and titanium to list
  • Exposed components showcases the cool factor each product brings to the project


It uses an open wheel design using Porsche 911 pin drive wheels by HRE wrapped in 18’ race slicks front and rear. SIngle lug race hubs FTW  The Brembo setup is just the icing on the cake visually.

Shown is 480LS transmission with Ohlin shocks. This car also has air jacks, so it can be jacked up within second with just an air line.

With the carbon fiber side vents off the car, you can see how this ducting directs the airflow from the sides of the car into the rear mounted radiator as well as the oil cooler behind it.

Although I sand a lot of body work by block, I decided to use some of the new RUPES DA interface pads for sanding.  Any opportunity to save some time in areas that don’t need it is important. It takes so long to sand and polish these cars that you need know ways where you can achieve the same or similar result, faster.

Most of the cars are presanded once prior to us coming in, so we usually start with 1000. It usually enough to flatten the areas where there might be peel or sand scratches left.

The autoclave front end parts were a lot heavier than you would think for carbon fiber. I didn’t ask but I would assume it has to do with impact points like the front end and the doors in case of an accident. 

Every single accessible painted panel was polished. Actually, a ton of car got covered in Xpel inside and out to avoid damage during road testing.  It came back looking crazy, and everyone was glad it was filmed.

Chassis designed by Scott Ahlman, designer of ’05 Ford  GT chassis, in conjunction with Roadster Shop for 1-off chassis, incorporating cantilevered independent suspension front and rear, corvette torque tube

In the hood above, you can see the texture on the left side. The right side was sanded with 1000, 1500, 3000 and polished out. The crazy part is that the carbon fiber weave would actually shrink and come back if any heat was induced by polishing.  Really the look and bed sides could use to sit for a year or so before diving back into it. The off gassing of the resin usually needs time to fully settle.

Once the Exhaust was installed, the side skirts were mounted. The exhaust was then quenched to shrink the metal and slightly move everything to make sure the exhaust pipe was centered just perfect.  Most people associate titanium with the burnt purple color, but proper welds on titanium actually look more natural like the ones on these. The manifold was stainless, and is all titanium after the cutouts.  A flip of a switch and the exhaust is routed all the way to the back. It still loud!

The carbon brake ducts are just perfect, and we completely corrected these like everything else.

Connor Harrison of Ch. Detailing polished the valve covers along with the firewall, carbon brake booster and so many more.


Connor and Jason Kilmer corrected the roof out after I removed the PPF.  Connor inspects to make sure its perfect, and it will get PPF installed once it returns from the SEMA show.


“Matty” Matthew Arendt is one of the more detailed guys I know, and I had him tackle the rear truck bed and suspension setup. He knocked it out of the park and got everything looking incredible.  All the shrouds needed polishing and there was a ton of debris from road testing in the belly pan and stuffed in every crevice.

I spent time inside the cab with Connor polishing all the door panels, dash pieced, seats and driveshaft tunnel.

We actually waxed all these cars.  The amount of hands that touch them makes it not worth the time and preparation of ceramic coating. We will most likely tackle this at a later time when the truck comes home.

I love photography, but admittedly I am not great by any means.  Once and a while I Impress myself and the image above was one of those shots. :)

I think the term “Motley Crew” is appropriate for the cars.

Left to right - 

Matthew Arendt - Matthews Specialized Detailing and cohost of Driven by Details Podcast

Dan Smith of Dans Auto Detailing LLC

Myself - David Patterson - Oberk Car Care, Gloss University

Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing

Jason Kilmer of KXK Dynamics, cohost of Driven by Details podcast and Gloss University.

We had a lot of fun shooting pictures the final night after everything was complete.

Photos by Centerscene, cleanliness from Matty :)


Enjoy these amazing shots from David Heller of Centerscene.


 Thanks for taking the time to check out all our BLOGS today, and stay tuned for so much more.


David Patterson

February 02, 2023 — David Patterson