VLOG - How to identify and remove factory paint shrinkage and dieback on a brand new Dodge Hellcat

VLOG - How to identify and remove factory paint shrinkage and dieback on a brand new Dodge Hellcat

In this VLOG we document our paint correction process to avoid sanding on this brand new Dodge Hellcat that Mike Ring of the Ring Brothers just picked up. We wanted to get this paint dialed in before we ceramic coated all the surfaces for the ultimate lok and proitection for regular use.

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Insane Transformation on a NEW Hellcat : How To Fix Factory Paint Shrinkage on Mike Ring's new car! Matt Arendt of Driven By Details Podcast/ Gloss University and David Patterson from Oberk Car Care detail factory paint defects on Mike Rings of the Ring Brothers new personal car. This Plun Crazy Dodge Hellcat has some of the worst paint shrinkage and factory die back i have seen in a very long time to the point it almost looked like solvent pop and overspray mixed. after we corrected the paint, we ceramic coated all the surfaces. #detailing #cleaning #restoration #preservation #hellcat #detail #newcar Subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKkYogKM6wsrH81tmvA5vNA Support a good cause and buy an Oberk Meech Sticker. All sales go directly to Autism Speaks once all stickers are sold. - https://oberkcarcare.com/products/meech-oberk-autism-awareness-die-cut-sticker

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FIAT X19 Preservation Detail

FIAT X19 Preservation Detail

We recently had the opportunity to do a preservation detail and polishing service to a 1976 Fiat X19 that has been tastefully modified and well kept for decades.  While I don’t know all the exact details of this car, it has many aftermarket parts, cometizione parts as well as some really cool body part and wheels.

This targa came in for protection and preservation. The factory paint is failing but all still original and even.  The goal of this service was to lightly polish the paint to remove light scratching, deepen the color, remove some water spots and treat everything with our favorite Swissvax concours wax.  When polishing, we really wanted to minimize too much physical liquid on the pad to avoid impregnating and pushing any solvents and debris into the cracks of the paint, rather run a dryer pad and work very cleanly. 

A lot of the trim pieces were removed to clean behind them and airbrush with Gtechnic trim coating including engine grilles. Many of the parts went back on with the factory cosmoline still intact. We didn’t want to clean or remove any of that factory coating. While it doesn’t look good, it does protect the surface and takes away from the originality from the car as well.

All of the flat black parts were cleaned with a beta water spot remove that we have been working on, and then followed up with paint prep and ceramic coating to help protect them the best as we can.

The brightwork was all lightly hand polished to give a nice appearance but not overpolihsed, and we cleaned the tires to give them that new look.


A couple notable pieces that make this car are the FAZA snorkel engine cover intake that shoots air into the Webber carbs. The Abarth Steering weheel gives a nice tough and feel on the interior and the ATS wheels give it the perfect look and period correct add on.


The Bertone styling and designe is definitely unique and has had a timeless feel that has become more collectable. We polished inside the engine cover, under the front bumper and did a light detail on the interior to freshen everything up.


We didn’t have enough time to do a video, not to mention the fact that I am not the most knowledgeable about these cars, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and blog write up.  The paint work was polished with Sole and a yellow pad for a one step process and beautiful results.


We gace this Fiat the preservation it was looking for. We fully completed a full wash and decontamination with claybar and other iron removing contaminents, perpared and polished the paint to the best ability while trying to get the best paint correction as possible without owver buffing or polishing the original finish to damage it more.  The wheels were cleaned using Oberks 2 in 1 wheel cleaner that uses iron removers and chemicals to break down the brake dust.  The tires, plastics and rubbers were all cleaner very well and eith cermaic coated or conditioned for years of life.

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October 11, 2022 — David Patterson
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