One of the great brands and group of people are Ring Brothers, who are also known as Classic Autobody.  I was lucky to be introduced to them back in about 2016 and have been blessed and honored to work with them on most of their builds since.  From "G-Code", "Defiant", The hellephant equipped "Defector 2.0", to even the SEMA Battle of the builders winner "Valkryja", we have been able to work with them on some amazing vehicles over the years. Check out picktures from these builds and others at the link on the bottom of this page.
Christmas came early for us here at Oberk, as we got to help prepare one of the latest Ring Brothers builds the week prior. This Charger was built from the ground up with the highest quality work and parts put in. Glasirut Porsche Speed yellow paint and a Hellcat motor make it as fast as it looks, but the details are where everything really comes together. Dan From Dan's Detailing was able to come out for a 3 day hammer down session where we sanded a large amount of the vehicle with P1000 grit on a hard block before refining the steps to 3k, and on some panels and areas 8k.
For the P3000 grit and finer, we chose the Rupes Skorpio pneumatic DA sander with a soft interface to contour to the panels after being cut down flat. For all the hand sanding we chose the KXK Palm Blox for the first step when cutting with the 1000 grit 3M wet/dry paper, as well as a variety of KXK RID STIX and small blocks paired with the KXK premium sanding discs
The texture in this paint is actually not uncommon. These cars are done to an extremely high level, but with so much custom bodywork and varying materials like steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass, it is always inevitable that you will see some sort of shrinkage or die back. This car was sprayed and an initial sand and polish, but after sitting for over a year, everything was able to settle and that's when we were able to dive in and finish it off one last time. The guys over at Ring Brothers don't need us there, and they are perfectly able to sand and polish these cars. If you've ever seen one, you'd definitely understand what I mean. It is however great to be welcomed, appreciated, but also work with such incredibly talented people who continue to support us.
While a majority of any types of curves and or contours were sanded by hand, the large flat areas were DA sanded with 3M Trizact P1500 DA film. Everything was finished down to 3k while some areas were finished down with 5k and 8k to make polishing easier and reduce risk of damaging edges. When you sand to the edge, you need to polish to the edge, and that can be a lot more difficult than people think.
After it was completely sanded, we continued to compound the sanding marks out with both a rotary polisher paired with the Oberk Thundercut Silk Wool pad as well as the Rupes 15mm DA paired with Oberk Microfiber cutting pads. The rotary polisher allowed us to adjust to curves and contours as well as preserve edges of the paint with better control. With the car cut down, we came back with Oberk polish paired with the yellow medium polishing pad to finish it down to perfection before cleaning and preparing for ceramic coating. The paint, glass, wheel, and seats were coated for long term protection where it will now reside in New Zealand.
This Vehicle was the first of many RB builds that will receive an Oberk Car Care package after being detailed and prepared for delivery. We are honored and almost at a loss of word how cool it is to have such a great opportunity to share the brand with enthusiasts and car collectors all over the World with the level of expectations and the love for perfectly kept vehicles just like many of the detailers we are.
We have another build coming up in January that you will see for our February BLOG, but until then, enjoy the pictures of the Charger, and make sure to check out out VIP text club below and get signed up before we do our first exclusive only available through the VIP TEXT CLUB!
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Thanks for checking out our first BLOG, and stay tuned for more as we complete new projects and document them as we go. Hopefully that means we can continue to improve and offer you better documentation, pictures and better content as we continue to BLOG more. 

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