What is APS, and How Can it Be used?

What is APS, and How Can it Be used?

Oberk All Purpose Soap was developed to offer something truely unique in the car washing or world of automotive soaps.  It isnt like any other soap on the market today, and is versitile enough to be used as a soap, but also as an engine bay cleaner, bug remover, and even an interior cleaner that is used by the largest Ferrari dealership in the United states for reconditioning all of their used cars as well as cleaning customers cars that have been serviced or repaired. This incredible product is 100% plant based and has no additional fragrance. It replaces the need for having both an all purpose cleaner or APC and car wash soap.

Beverly Hills Ferrari actually uses APS soap to remove and repair the "sticky button" issue that many have read about or experiences with high end Italian or European sports cars.

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For the Month of August 2023, we are offering a free 32oz labeled spray bottle with purchase of any size APS. Have matching bottles and labels to keep the flow of your shop and garage.

With everything Oberk, #RemoveTheGuessWork has always been our #1.5 focus. I say that because it is almost equal to product QUALITY when it comes to our main objectives.  Our goal is not only to simplify the process of detailing your vehicle, but simplify the amount of productrs needed to perform a job at a high level without sacrificing performance.

With that being said, I wanted to make a little guide on what Oberk products we reccomend for each area or surface of your vehicle along with a couple hints. ;)

Here is a quick easy to use guide for what products we suggest for cleaning your vehicle - 
- Oberk APS - directions on bottle
- Oberk Rinseless Wash
- Oberk APS 1:7 or 1:8 - 3-4oz per 32oz bottle
- Oberk Rinseless wash diluted to suggested for Quick Detailer
- Oberk Rinseless Wash diluted to suggested mixture
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
- Oberk APS 1:7 or 3-4oz per 32oz bottle
- Tire Cleaner
- Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner with iron remover
- Oberk Tire Cleaner - Tire cleaner works great as a cost effective wheel cleaner to use in between heavier wheel cleaner.  the raw chemical that removes iron from wheels also browns tires. For this reason we always reccomend cleaning wheels first, then tires.  Iron removing wheel cleaners are extremely effective, but aren't always necessary on well kept cars. For this reason, Oberk Tire cleaner is a great solution for keeping your wheels and tires clean and save some coin too!
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
- note - if tires are extremely bad and uneven, a citrus solvent or even a petroleum based solvent may be advised as a precleaner prior to using Oberk Tire cleaner. The Oberk Tire cleaner can help even the look of the tire after a solvent is used and give a like new finish to even some of the grimiest tires.
- Oberk Glass Cleaner
- Oberk APS - 2oz per 32oz bottle or 1:15
Safe on leather and all interior surfaces - awesome OEM finish with no streaks or rinsing required.
- Oberk Tire Cleaner
Oberk "Slick Shoes" 
- Coming Soon
- Oberk TAAR (Tar and Adhesive Remover)
Also great for PPF and tint adhesive remover
Gloss University and Detailiwise Training Programs at the Ring Brothers June 3rd, 4-5th

Gloss University and Detailiwise Training Programs at the Ring Brothers June 3rd, 4-5th


Spaces are filling up and there is only a little over a Month before Gloss University training at the Ring Brothers goes down. Make sure you check out the Gloss University website to get your seat and learn more by clicking the button or image above.  Classes include food, drink, swag, shirts, as well as a meet and greet dinner Saturday evening for an amazing Italian dinner.  Join us for multiple days of knowledge from Jason Killmer, David Patterson, Eron Knox, Matty Arendt, and announcing Jennifer Turcotte. Jen participated in our first Gloss University coarse at the Ring Brothers over 2 years ago, and she is back as a guest instructor. We're stoked for her to be joining and adding a new element to what GU offers.

The one day business class is honestly going to be one of the most valuable one day classes you could take with the best in the industry.  Jason Otterness and Greg Natonson of DetailWise Academy and Chicago Auto Pros, Chris DiGiovanni of Detailers Roadmap, and Grant Menard of Menard Premium Detailing.  These are all guys that are at the top tier when it comes to websites, marketing, SEO, business strategy and scaling, as well as proven feedback from people who have some of the more successful detail shops in the country.

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Ringbrothers Ring Brothers Dodge Charger Hellcat Hellephant Hotrod HRE wheels 3 pc forged baer brakes Mopar SEMA battle of the builders

Project Ring Brothers "CAPTIV" - Sanded, Oberk'd and Ceramic Coated

Christmas came early for us here at Oberk, as we got to help prepare one of the latest Ring Brothers builds the week prior. Wet sanding, paint correction and ceramic coating "CAPTIV" the 69 Dodge Charger