oberk booth modest 2023
The show was filled with a ton of great cars and people in the industry. Brian Jannusch from Top Rank Imports was hanging out at the show as well as Alex Martinez from Martini Works.
Alex, or Alex Martini has made a big name for himself creating automotive based content and works with some of the biggest brands in the industry to share knowledge and cover events. He is local to Wisconsin and was also the founder of WCEC or the Wisconsin Car Enthusiasts Club. Marke sure you check out his youtube content. 
This Datsun build was just incredible.......
Well deserved "Best of Show"
The new Civic Type R in "Boost Blue" Looks amazing in person!
This imported JDM 180sx was definitly done very well and i really enjoyed the fine details.
The Work Equip wheels were a nice touch.
There were a few really nice S2000 builds from OEM+ to heavily modified....
Always love seeing nice FC RX7's
Lots ox 1/2JZ powered S chassis cars in both show and drift form....
Tou and his team at Yelo Autosport were putting out, participating in raffles and enjoying time with the local car community.  He had his personal NSX as well as a beautiful FD RX7 present for the show.
We took home some awards within the crew and it was an awesome time!  Thanks
See everyone at the Chicago Super Meet this weekend in Joliet at Rt66
July 18, 2023 — David Patterson

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