We took on this project for King Motorsports to bring this Interga Type R back to show room condition, or as close as we could.  In sunlight and in natural lighting, this car looked amazing, but quickly found out that it was heavily swirled with a ton or random isolated defects.

Because it looked so good, we took a less invasive technique to bring the paint back without reducing the overall paint thickness for future polishing.

1998 USDM ITR Type R rear image

These cars are known to not have the thickest paint, and can be finicky to polish. Unlike the EP3 Civic, this paint is a little easier to polish and wipe the painted surfaces without marring or inducing scratches.  Similar to Subaru paint, polishes tend to stick to the paint more, making it more difficult to wipe off. 

We decided to Polish this car with Oberk Sole.  The front end will be getting Paint Protection Film installed from Connor Harrison of CH. Detailing, so we decided to polish this lightly with the Oberk Yellow foam pad.

OEM USDM ITR Intake tube cleaned with Oberk Tire cleaner

The headlights on this car were like brand new, the seats and interior were unfaded like most and very fresh overall.  The valve cover was like new as well and the entire engine bay was perfect.

1998 Intergra Type R headlight left perfect USDM ITR

The rest of the car was two step polished with Oberk Sole paired with a microfiber pad, then followed up with a yellow pad and Oberk Polish.  Unlike the EP3, We were able to use a yellow pad for a flawless finish.

We hand polished the exhaust tip, as well as cleaned up the muffler body. Additionally, we removed the mud flaps to clean the wheel wells, under the flaps, and remove the wheels for a full cleaning and ceramic coating. The wheels on this car were flawless, so I wanted to get them cleaned and protected prior to the PPF and exterior ceramic coating. 

Stay Tuned for our announcement when our video VLOG of this paint correction over at the King Motorsports YouTube Channel is Live

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David Patterson

Photography by David Patterson

November 29, 2023 — David Patterson

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