At Oberk, we love so many types and generations of automobiles, and we love to celebrate style of heavily modified vehicles, factory original preservations and even restorations.  From Japanese classics, vintage concours historic vehicles, European sports cars, and hot rod builds are just a few.  The evalution of how we build and modify vehicles has started to cross and blend styles or design from all areas of the automotive aftermarket. We colloborated with CenterScene Media to bring you a limited endition Calendar for 2023, and with that we have decided to offer limited edition 11x17" prints each month of the same vehicle featured in our Calendar.

January Posters sold out February Posters are here S2000 Free

January Posters sold out before the end of the month so make sure you scoop yours before they are gone.

We ran 100 print for each month and January's K5 Blazer was one people loved!  To keep with the "Valentine" theme, this month we are featuring this beautiful NFR AP1 Honda S2000. 

You can get one 2 ways

- Get one FREE with every order. Any product, and amount, anything!

- Purchase one directly from the site - you will still receive one free for your purchase as well.

These are matte prints on premium 100lb weight stock with digital vectorized images of photoshoots and vehicles captured by David Heller of Centerscene Media and David Patterson of Oberk Care Care.  Each vehicle was a project we did or participoated in over the last year or so.

Click on any of the images to shop and get one now! 

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February 02, 2023 — David Patterson

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