David Patterson of Oberk Car Care and Matty Arendt of Driven By Details podcast recently embarked on a journey to Chelsea, Michigan to wetsand and machine polish a custom SEMA build 1967 Dodge Charger built by Jesse's Classics and Customs. The 1967 Dodge Charger, known for its distinctive design and powerful performance, was transformed into a custom show car for the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show.

David and Matty are renowned in the automotive detailing industry for their expertise and passion for restoring and preserving classic cars. They were tasked with the responsibility of bringing the custom 1967 Dodge Charger to its full potential and make it shine on the SEMA show floor.

The first step in the process was to wet sand the entire car to remove any surface imperfections and create a smooth surface for the machine polishing process. This was a delicate process as the wet sanding process can easily cause damage to the paint if not done correctly. David and Matty took their time to ensure that the wet sanding was done right, removing all the imperfections and ensuring a smooth surface. They used a multi step process starting with P1000/1500/2000 grit 3M wet/dry paper, P1500 3M tricact DA discs and finished with P3000 grit Trizact foam abrasive discs.

Next, they used a variety of machine polishers to bring out the maximum shine and luster in the custom House of Kolours paint job. The machine polishing process involved using a rotary polisher with Silw Wool and new prototype wool DA pads to work the paint, removing any fine sanding scratches and restoring the clarity of the paint.

The final result was nothing short of spectacular. The 1967 Dodge Charger was transformed into a gleaming showpiece ready to be displayed again at Detroit AutoRama, the home of the Ridler Award. The custom paint job was brought to life, and the car was a true testament to the expertise and passion of David and Matty and the fine skills of Jesse and his customs shop.

The journey to Chelsea, Michigan was a success, and the custom 1967 Dodge Charger built by Jesse's Classics and Customs was a true masterpiece on the SEMA show floor. The collaboration between David Patterson of Oberk Car Care and Matty Arendt of Driven By Details podcast, Jesse's Classics and Customs, and the SEMA show was a true testament to the power of teamwork and the passion for preserving classic cars.


Check out Part 1 of our VLOG of this Journey on Youtube HERE

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February 02, 2023 — David Patterson

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