The Creator Summit 2023 was the first event of its kind that was setup and organized by Jason Otterness and the team at Chicago Auto Pros. This event was to connect some of the industries leading brands with some of the biggest influencers and content creators in the detasiling space. From Pan the Organizer, to The Detail Solutions Podcast, there was a little of everything ranging from experts in the TikTok space, to podcasts, Instagram and Youtube.

This took place at the newest "Bays at Car Supplies Warehouse" located in Pomeoville Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  This concept is a part of the Car Supplies Warehouse Umbrella that encompases an professional, clean and organized area with individual bays avalable to rent out for washing or detailing your vehicle, to detail someone elses vechicle, or rent for a private event for a local car club or something similiar.   Each Bays location showcases a state of the art store front featuring some of the best and greates detailing and car care brands available on the market in 2023.  It is also services as a fufillment location for online orders from the website.

Jason Otterness from Chicago Auto Pros speaking about the best Social Media practices at the Creator Summit 2023 at Car Supplies Warehouse

image of Jason Otterness of Chicago Auto Pros speaking at the Creator Summit with Rick from Rad Garage YouTube Channel.

If you arent familiar with Chicago Auto Pros, Car Supplies Warehouse, Or Jason Ottenress, Check out the Chicago Auto Pros YouTube channel where they have been creating educational and detailing related cointent for years coming from real professionals using the products in their business.  If you check out The Oberk Car Car YouTube Channel, we have been featured in a number of their videos, including our trip and detail to King Motorsports for a new Mugen Equipped Civic Type R, California to detail Sung Kangs Grand National, or our trip to Greddy Performance to detail Kenji's personal project with his son.  Our passion for both the car community, car customization and detailing has created a great networking opprotunity to work together.

widebody miata chicago auto pros bays at car supplies warehouse

The First evening was an event put on by Gtechniq North America showcasing the new ExoV5 ceramic coating often used as a top coat for Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ulra or Light as well as C1.

The following day (Thursday) the event kicked off for 2 full days of creators and brands doing videos together showcasing and education how to perform certain tasks or how to use certasin product properly. There was a podcast studio for both The Rag Company crew as well as Alex from The Detail Solution Podcast.  Each bay was blocked off with curtains to allow a nice clean area for each grop of creatrors to work on a car or part of a vehicle.

Jessica Tran from @JTmobiledetailing and Alan Medcraft

Jessica Tran and Alan Medcraft recording a video. Jeck out Jessicas TikTok Channel @JTmobiledetailing 

We recorded 3 videos that were excited to see come out and was focused on one step polishing, sanding to remove isolated defects, common problems when polishing and a ton more.  We recorded some really great content with Phil Miranda from Miranda Detailing, Chelsea from Attention2DetaiingWithChelsea, and Rick from Rad Garage. All three have great youtube channels that I will link below.

The last day was an open house at Car Suypplies warehouse for people to come visit with creators, learn about products and get some awesome deals in the Car Supplies store.

The entire event was absolutley amazing and we were honored to be part of such a memorable event. Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello and visited with us and keep an eye out for some of the great videos coming soon! -

Jamie The Cleaner -

Attention2Details -

Rick and Rad Garage -

Pan The Organizer -

WD Detailing -

Jessica Tran - @JTmobileDetailing on TikTok

Raldas Detailing

Serranos Mobile -

Miranda Detailing -

Detail Solution Podcast -

The Rag Company Podcast

Driven By Details Podcast -

Jimbo Balaam  Auto Detailing Podcast -

Apex Detail -



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