Barrel Blade Sleeves - Twist Style



Barrel Blades NEVER die, but the sleeves could use replacements once and a while.


Twist Pile Microfiber Covers for Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Enhance your wheel cleaning routine with our Dreadnought Twist Pile Microfiber Covers, specifically designed for the Barrel Blade Wheel Brush.


Key Features:

  • Secure Attachment: Equipped with a double snap connector, these covers attach firmly to your Barrel Blade Wheel Brush, ensuring a secure fit during use.
  • Aggressive Cleaning Power: The Dreadnought Twist Pile features fibers stiffened with a urethane coating, providing increased aggressiveness for tackling heavy brake dust and grime.
  • Durable and Effective: These microfiber covers are designed for gentle yet effective cleaning, making them ideal for maintaining dirty wheels.

Pack Details:

  • Quantity: 3-pack
  • Material: Twist Pile Microfiber
  • Compatibility: Fits snugly over the Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Why Choose Dreadnought Twist Pile Covers:

Consistent Performance: Always have a fresh cover ready with this convenient 3-pack, ensuring your wheel cleaning kit is always prepared for the toughest jobs.

Enhanced Cleaning: The nylon bristles within the twist pile microfiber easily cut through heavy dirt and grime, providing a thorough clean without damaging your wheels.

Upgrade your wheel cleaning toolkit with the Dreadnought Twist Pile Microfiber Covers. Order your 3-pack today and experience superior cleaning performance.