Barrel Blade Sleeves - Plush Style Cover



Barrel Blades NEVER die, but the sleeves could use replacements once and a while.


Plush Microfiber Covers for Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Enhance your wheel cleaning routine with our Extremely Plush Microfiber Covers, specifically designed for the Barrel Blade Wheel Brush.


Key Features:

  • Secure Attachment: Equipped with a double snap connector, these covers attach firmly to your Barrel Blade Wheel Brush, ensuring a secure fit during use.
  • Delicate Cleaning Power: The Plush Pile features fibers to clean your premium wheels, regardless of the paint, or type of finish.
  • Durable and Effective: These microfiber covers are designed for gentle yet effective cleaning, making them ideal for maintaining dirty wheels.
  • Incredible Design: The dual snap feature helps the brush stay together when scrubbing in tighter areas.

Pack Details:

  • Quantity: 3-pack
  • Material: Plush Pile Microfiber
  • Compatibility: Fits snugly over the Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Why Choose Plush Pile Covers:

Consistent Performance: Always have a fresh cover ready with this convenient 3-pack, ensuring your wheel cleaning kit is always prepared for the toughest jobs.

Enhanced Cleaning: The soft and plush microfiber easily cut through heavy dirt and grime, providing a thorough clean without damaging the most delicate wheels.

Upgrade your wheel cleaning toolkit with the Microfiber Covers or have some for back up! Order your 3-pack today and experience superior cleaning performance.