iK Multi TR Mini 360



The IK Multi TR Mini 360 Trigger Sprayer - Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion!


Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the new IK Multi TR Mini 360 Trigger Sprayer, featuring the innovative 360º system that allows you to spray in all positions, even upside down. Say goodbye to awkward angles and hello to effortless cleaning with this versatile sprayer.


Key Features:

  •  Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  •  Stable base for enhanced control
  •  Durable translucent tank with convenient level indicator
  •  Content identifying card insert for easy product recognition
  •  Adjustable conical nozzle for precise spraying
  •  Generous 20oz (600ml) capacity for extended use


The IK Multi TR Mini 360 is the perfect tool for a wide range of cleaning and disinfection tasks, making it ideal for use with disinfectants, neutral products, alcohols, alkaline products, and ketones. Whether you're tackling building maintenance, industrial cleaning, automotive detailing, pest control, or virus control, this trigger sprayer is up to the challenge.