Benefits of Using Cutting Pads for your vehicle               

To remove scratches and specifically swirl marks on your vehicle, you have to smoothen down the paint's clear coat. The clear coat is the top layer of transparent protective paint that gives your car its sparkle. Initially, you need to remove a small external layer or scratched paint. Then, you need to bring out the flash on the newly exposed surface.

Cutting removes paint more rapidly than polishing. That is why cutting is customarily done first and followed up with polishing to bring back the sparkle. A cutting pad is a more aggressive and typically the initial phase in removing surface defects. After compounding, you won't have a perfect shine, yet most scratches and swirls will be gone.

If you need your vehicle looking new, a cutting pad can assist with eliminating moderate surface defects, such as heavy swirl imprints, scratches, and oxidation. A good quality cutting pad will take the heat created from a heavy cutting compound and spread it equally over the outer layer of your vehicle. 

Cutting, cleaning, and waxing your vehicle is innovative as it assists with working on the finish and overall look of your car. Also, keeping your vehicle's paintwork in top condition will decrease the probability of any body-frame-related issues and make it more significant if you choose to sell it in the future.

A cutting pad can equally bring new life to a vehicle's paintwork. If you plan to get a car that has been neglected back into shape, cutting, cleaning, and waxing will assist you with achieving this.

In this guide, we will show you probably the best cutting pads that will be ideal for getting your vehicle's paintwork in top condition.

Oberk 5.5-inch Microfiber Cutting Pad

When it comes time to polish your vehicle, you want to be sure that you're using the best possible tools for the job - hence we designed the Oberk 5.5” microfiber cutting pad. The Oberk SMFC (Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pad) is the best choice for those who want to have a seamless finish with their project. 

The blend of fibers and perfect length makes this pad easier on your equipment, while providing superior performance that will not leave any residue behind like other pads can do!

Microfiber Cutting Pad from Oberk Car Care with Supreme Cut

Chemical Guys 6.5-inch Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad

This unique cutting pad from Chemical Guys is designed to remove heavy whirl imprints, scratches, and oxidation. Chemical Guys have designed the Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad to work best with polishing compounds and cutting polishes to accomplish the best finish on paintwork that has had years of disregard.

The Orange Euro-Tech foam used to make this Cutting Pad is intended to take heat created from heavy compounding and convey it equitably over the surface. The pad's extra-thick microfiber layer takes the compound and deposit it into swirl marks and scratches to level the character, improving the completion of the paintwork. 

Buff and Shine URO-Fiber Microfiber Multipurpose Pad

If you are searching for a pad that can do everything, Buff and Shine's URO-Fiber Microfiber Pad is a great choice. It is ideally suited for cutting and polishing, waxing, and cleaning. In addition, the multipurpose pad is conceivable by adding cutting and cleaning strands mixed into one pad.

The pad can be utilized to eliminate scratches and swirls from your vehicle's paintwork, and the lower pile height permits the implementation to get a more profound defect removal. Also, buff and Shine have designed their multipurpose pad to be as pretty and solid as possible to last different intense cleaning and cutting sessions.

Meguiar WRWHC7 7" Rotary Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

Meguiar's WRWHC7 Heavy Duty Cutting Pad is a fantastic choice if you love wool cutting pads. The pad is designed to be utilized with rotary polishers and Meguiar's Soft Buff Rotary Backing Plate (WRBP). This pad is exceptionally sturdy; however, it is vital to clean and dry it before use.

March 25, 2022 — David Patterson
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