On this day we observe and remember those who put their lives before ours, and paid the ultimate part for our freedom.  With increasing polarity and politics, it has been difficult for many to express their love and their support for what makes this country great in fear of being viewed the one who doesn't understand the mistakes in history.  Today we let go of political bias being pushed in our daily lives from both sides, and we embrace the love and appreciation for those who have served selflessly to ultimately lose the one thing they controlled at the cost of our freedom and the ability to live the lives we have today.

In remembrance of the ones who served and the ultimate sacrificed, were offering 30% off one day only on any size wheel and tire cleaning products. This will be sent out in email and text the morning of, so if you caught this blog, you got an early peak!  

Sale starts at 12:01AM Monday and ends at Midnight CST

May 26, 2022 — David Patterson

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