Rundown of tools and products used in this process - 

The products used are what we love and support people and products who support us as well. Some of the links below are paid sponsors, but still represent product we support and enjoy using with great results.

KXK Sandpaper -

3M P1000 P1500 and P2000 wet/dry paper

P1000 - P1500 -

P2000 -

3M 3" and 6" Purple 1500 trizact discs -

3" -

6" -

3M Trizact 3000 3" and 6" Discs Machines -

Dewalt Cordless Rotray -

Rupes Rotary Polisher -

Rupes Ibrid 1' and 2" polisher -

Rupes 3" LHR 75 pneumatic polisher (best 3" polisher out) -

Rupes 15mm polisher Mark III -

KXK Dynamics  sanding blocks -

KXK Dynamics sandpaper -

Oberk Rinseless Wash -

Adaptiv inspection light -

Microfiber towels -

Tire – Rubber- Plastic cleaner -

Wash Sponge -

Bucket, dolly, and grit guard setup -

Grit guard if you already have your own 5 gallon buckets -

Oberk APS soap -

Oberk 2 in 1 wheel cleaner -

Oberk Cut and other polishes -

Oberk polishing pads -

Solution Finihs trim restorer -

Mirka 3" sander -

Rupes 6" Sander -

Tornador Blow Gun -


I will admit that I am not a huge Mustang guy, but this one really has some cool features and styling that get me. Same with the color combo. The blue and yellow just works with this car. One thing I regret is not grabbing good engine shots on this car. Im not sure what I was thinking, It has a beautiful Coyote 5.0L motor that is just muahhhh!

Matt Arendt puts on the finishing touches before the Mustang takles off for Las Vegas.

Jason Killmer is all smiles when he gets a rotary polisher in his hands,  In this pic, hes cutting down sanding scratches with the Oberk Thundercut pad and Oberk Cut.

Another one cleaned and clayed with Oberk Rinseless wash, The window trim was damaged by the winow not being aligned properly, so after we cut this car down, they jumped in and air brushed the trim to repair it. We came back to clay the overspray and go right into finis polishing.

Most of this car was actually done by Jason Killmer, but but Dan Smith and myself helper during the cutting step.  This was actually a 3 step process.  We cut heavy panels with a rotary and thundercut pad, but then we followed up with a microfiber pad and sole, and finishing with a yellow foam pad and polishing,

In between the vinyl, the paint was taped and it etched into the clear. I had to tape these off and sand it out prior to compounding. 

This guy........

Iron Free is the way to be. safe on all finishes.

Killmer the seconf day finishing the mustang off before I applied Swissvax OBSSSSD wax, This is an amazing wax that smells great. Ive been using it for years and is a go to for me. Ceramic Coating these cars just doesnt make sense., It will be handled by so many people, and will most likely need repolishing before the owner takes it home. Many of these cars will go other places after SEMA before the come back.  Whether its a trip to Hoonigan, or a tv shoot with Leno, these cars are all over the place, The time, effort and labor just isn't worth the sqeeze.

Put some soue in it....or sole, whatever works.

Watching all the hard work come together. The local cop stopped by to see the cars load up. Mike Ring is usally never visually stressed, and doesa great job with keeping peeopl in a great mood and keeping things light even during a crunch. This year, with 4 cars, hes just had so much into this that I think he was releived it all came together, but stilla week to go.  They actually drove one of the cars out himself. Over the years, Mike has become a friend and someone I look up to, but also sincerely appreciate,  He has supported Gloss University and the Oberk brand over the last couple years and I always look forward to catching up with him and his wife Nancy.  They make everyone feel like family and are top notch hospitality.

Had to snag a picture of the new glass cleaner on the blue seats.  Usually Ring cars have a certain style. the interiopr is no different than the exterior.  They usually have a legend and artist named Steve do all of their interiors. with the amount of wrk this year, they had to have this vehicle get the interior done by Avant Garde in Florida. I think it turned out fantastic, but if you compare the interiors and seats tot he other cars, you can tell it looks differen tan what they have traditionally done.

Of coarse, most of the finished shots and the loaded trailed shots can from David Heller at Centerscene.

Ryan Fielding is the bearded gentleman below is super talented. This guy had a custom motorcycle shop in the past. He is good with fab work, all the way to fine body work, painting, and even air brushing. Super talented guy.

Thanks for reading and tay tuned for the last and most epic car reveal at 2PM PST or 4 PM CST/5PM EST

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David Patterson

Oberk Car Care

February 02, 2023 — David Patterson

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