APS Labeled Spray Bottle - Empty



Get your garage or shop looking right with matching labeled bottles for all your favorite Oberk products. How available for APS soap too! Whether keeping up with OSHA standards, or simply making your process easier, these bottles are a perfect to keep your products color matched and easy to identify to simplify your process and be more efficient.

Each Bottle features a premium 32oz PET bottle with HD sprayer included.

Efficiency = Profitability

Oberk APS has so many uses!  It’s safe and POWERFUL for a lot of general processes where strong alkaline degreasers or "all-purpose cleaners" aren’t needed. Follow the suggestions below for your detailing processes. Simply add the amount of APS below and fill your bottle with water for the perfect solution.

Engine Bay ands Marine Detailer - 3oz

Bug remover  - 3-4oz

Interior cleaner - 2oz

Towel detergent - follow wash instructions