Oberk Quick Detailer



Oberk Quick Detailer is the Supreme solution to keep your vehicles surfaces clean and free of dust, and the perfect drying aid when drying your vehicle after the wash process.

Our polymer based formula provides the lubricity to remove light soil without inducing scratches and swirls in the paint work. Formulated from our Rinseless wash concentrate, it covers dirt particles with polymer easily clean the surface.

Many swirls and light scratches are induced during the DRYING process!  WHaaaaa?! Yep!

When we wash the vehicle we have a soap or rinseless wash solution that offers the lubrication that reduces the risk of scartches and maring but once that solution is rinsed from the surface, your left with water.  

While water seems like it shoud provide the lubrication needed, it doesn't. Water is a solvant and creates drag on the surface that can cause the nasty swirls we try to avoid. Start using Oberk QD as a drying aid that help dry the surface faster and reduces swirls at the same time.

While Oberk does have polymers to offer slicklness and lubricity, this is not a long term protective product and doesn't contain "cross-linking" polymers that bond to the paint surface. 

Safe on all paint and can be used on ceramic cated vehicles as well as paint protected with wax or synthetic sealants.