KXK Dynamics SP Padded Sandpaper Master Kit

$129.99 $135.99


Why order just one, when you can get all 3 and SAVE!  This Kit includes 1 pack of each KXK SP padded sandpaper.  

The latest innovation from KXK dynamics is designed to aid and assist in removing  scratches from a painted surface. Available in P1500 Grit, P2000 Grit and, P3000 Grit, they are perfect for removing defects of any type and severity. The cushioned interface allows for easily removing defects with reduced chance of sanding through or damaging the finish.  These are ideal and perfect for use with the KXK Dynamics RID STIX.

• padded interface holds water
• engineered abrasives



• 1 box of P1500 grit SP Padded sand paper sheets
• 1 box of P2000 grit SP Padded sand paper sheets
• 1 box of P3000 grit SP Padded sand paper sheets

  • Do not use without  knowledge of clear coat thickness in conjunction with a paint thickness gauge and the basic understanding of wet sanding. If so, damage could occur.
  • We recommend usage of paint thickness metering equipment to avoid damages when wet sanding finishes.