Cleaning your tires can Be the icing on the cake when washing your car.  Something about that new tire look is what we all desire, whether you like tire shine dressing or not.

Cleaning tires is easy with Oberk Tire Cleaner.

Tires often brown over time giving a dirty look. Using the correct cleaner is important for getting them to look like new.

Oberk tire cleaner can be sprayed onto the surface and scrubber with a stiff bristle tire brush to loosen the debris and dirt. After is is scrubber, rinse or pressure wash the tire to leave a perfectly clean tire., If you are like me, you leave them as is, but many like the shiny look of a properly dressed tire.

Oberk tire cleaner works great on wheel wells and engine bays too as it is safe for plastics, but do not apply these product in the direct sunlight, to a hot wheel or surface, or let dry on the surface as that could cause staining or damage.


Tires are usually cleaned with wheel cleaners. Pair it with Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner for a duo of cleaning power.  Oberk 2 in 1 will break down the break dust and grime while the tire cleaner melts away nasty discoloration.

April 02, 2022 — David Patterson

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