WEKFEST Chicago was a blast! Keep an eye out for a full Blog coming with some killer phots from Cody Martin (IG - codycarlmartin). Until then, enjoy the goods below!!!

Oberk has participated in a number of detailing events, tradeshows, and even Subaru FL4TFEST, but this was out first time showing at a Japanese based show with high level builds all among our local peers and enthusiasts. Cody Martin came with us to document the trip in pictures as well as some video that we could grab. I will toss together a VLoG of what we have, as well as a full blog with some really killer pictures that Cody got. Until then, you can enjoy some of these rollers form our way down to Chicago at 530AM and as we came into the City.  Huge thanks to the Wekfest Crew and Stickydijoe.com for a great event.  

We'll get into the rest of the cars and builds in the blog, but we had some incredible cars showing in the Oberk/King Motorsports booth.  Originally we had decided to get a booth, and came to realize my car wouldn't be done, but my good friend Scott Zellner at King Motorsports said we should take the Mugen Civic Type R.  That quickly turned into doubling the size and setting up two booths, and even better was a last minute visit from Mr. Kojima from Mugen Japan. Together we showed 4 cars, with Joel's Marga Hills dressed NSX taking home Acura/Honda of the festival.  The other cars included the Mugen Civic Type R, Dan Bray's FA5 Mugen build, and Koui's Yellow Integra Type R wearing a plethora of Mugen rarities.  If you remember the Silver, RHD NSX that was in our wheel cleaner pots and advertisements, that was Koui's car as well, and this one is easily just a cool.

Koui's 01 Type R is fitted with a Mugen Gen 2 wing, Mugen front lip and side skirt, Mugen intake, Mugen exhaust, Mugen header, Mugen MF-10 Wheels, Mugen steering wheel, Mugen seats and even more.  This car has pretty much most of the items from the Mugen catalog for this car, and at this point is becoming a time capsule for the echelon of collectable type R's with approved modifications.

Joel Zabel's Championship White NSX is flawless with a ton of rare, custom, one off and unique parts.  The exterior is compromised of a Marga Hills aero kit, Mugen Wing, KW suspension with air cups, and Volk CE28 forged wheels.  The interior has been completely redone in carbon fiber and tan leather interior with updated electronics and audio to compliment the updated creature comforts.

Dan Bray's Car looks modified and is extremely clean, but is a sleeper when it comes to car shows.  His build has the same feel and accents many top custom car builders go for, and Dan doesn't mind having his car overlooked for more flamboyant builds. Dan's car is meticulously kept and rarely driven. It has been a build process over the last 10 years or so that has paid off. This Civic SI has a full Type R Front and rear end conversion from Japan, which includes a new trunk and front end parts, but at the same time got all the Mugen parts for the body at that same time.  He set it all of and brought it together with the Mugen wing and SSR wheels.  The engine has a ton of Hybris racing, Ksport and other performance parts and the interior has nice titanium accents like the shift knob and Mugen steering wheel.

Last but not least is the King Motorsports Mugen Type R Prototype, sporting the brand new Mugen Carbon Fiber hood, as well as the new FK* MF-10 wheels.  I was able to be part of the big reveal about 3 years ago in FOntana California for one of the last Eibach meets, and since then, has received some floormats, wheels, hood, and some other bits.  This car still retains some of the prototype parts from the original build that have since been modified and gone into full production. This car has many one off part that may not have many or any duplicates.  This car was features on the Chicago Auto Pros YouTube channel when we did a full paint correction and applied Gtechniq Ultra as well as a few other coatings like C0, C4, C5 and others. 

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVELJQgMCz8

After that it was featured on the Savage Geese YouTube where they put it through the paces and did a full review


Scott is the owner of King Motorsports and they have been a Honda racing shop with affiliations to both Honda and Mugen since the late 70's.  What was originally King Honda, a dealership with racing heritage, became King Motorsports with the sole distribution rights on Mugen Japan parts.  Mugen was formed within the family of Honda, and are essentially are the same as what TRD is to Toyota, or Roush or Shelby is to Ford. Since then they have build some of the best road race, drag race, and street cars.  Whether you want the most premium Mugen parts for a nice build, or a fully built turbo engine making 800whp, King has all the skills and tools to do it all, then dyno tune it when its done.  Since they only specify in Honda cars, you literally can't have a better shop to have around if you enjoy Honda cars of any type.

King and Scott have been great supporters of the Oberk brand and we are honored that they join us for events like this, and even more honored to have Mr. Kojima join us as well. Enjoy until part 2! 

May 04, 2022 — David Patterson

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