Wekfest Chicago was an absolute blast, and we did a short blog aftert the event, but we didnt include the majority of pictures we took of other cars at the event.  Wekfest has traditionally been a Japanese based show, but with the crowd of enthusiasts aging, new ones forming, and new styles emerging, started to see a lot more europ cars as well as some vintage and US built cars with tasteful Japanese styling or Japanese parts themselves.

Chicago brings out some nice cars, and we tried to share some pics that show the diversity as well as the styling variations we saw at the show.  We love all cars...Drift cars, show cars, small modified hatchbacks, and nasty widebody heavy hitters.  From 240sx's, GTR skylines, s2000s and even Camaeros, and the wheel variety just the same.  SSr's Mugen wheels, Volk, Rays, Work, Avandt Garde and more. Each has a unique reason or aspect about them that makes them desireable to modify or collect. Enjoy!

Words by David Patterson

Photos by Cody Martin

The 3 piece Blitz wheels on this R32 Skyline really stood out with the body color, and are one of the more valuable wheels with the market inflating.


Simple and clean, but an authentic S13 Silvia sitting on Work Meister wheels. Only so many cars can pull off SSR Vienna wheels but they look awesome when done right.

Yum :) 

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August 29, 2022 — David Patterson

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