Well, as many of you may already know, we sponsored and participated in the recent Gloss University Class in August that took place at the Ring Brothers - Classic Autobody in Spring Green Wisconsin.  If you aren't familiar with Ring Brothers, just google them, and you'll find endless pictures and articles.  I was blown away when the first car I detailed for them was on Jay Leno's Garage, and since then have continued to work with them on the tail end of their car builds. This was the second class Gloss U held at Ring Brothers, and the instructors included Eron "Knoxy" Knox, Jason "winger aka sandman" Killmer, myself (David Patterson), and Matty Arendt.  We had guest instructors Dylan and Nick from Rupes to join as well as well as sponsors from Vyper chair, Oberk, Rupes, Autofiber, Gtechniq, Car Supplies Warehouse and more.

The class was amazing. The Rupes guys presented on the first day, as well as some dry ice demos from Dry Ice Energy in Germany.  The group of guys from Gtechniq helped demonstrate coating application, as well as contributing total Surface Protection kits to each student in the class. Between all the sponsors, students took home a lot of great product and prizes.  We covered a variety of topics related to hands on training and technical skills, and We focused on hand block sanding while the Rupes guys covered DA sanding process and techniques.


The dinner Saturday evening is always the best. We had a restaurant reserved for us that has amazing food, and the environment was just right for everyone to relax to Matty jamming on the guitar. Mike and Nancy Ring are some of the best hosts you could have and set the tone once again for an incredible weekend that everyone enjoyed. 

We wrapped everything up with theory, more hands on direct training, and tons of great giveaway items.


We had a ton of great people there including Eric Joseph, Kris, Jared and Evan from Gtechniq, Alex Russell from the detail solutions podcast, Thomas from Adaptiv Lighting and a ton more.  Gloss University classes are packed with a ton of knowledge, but is a total experience to get away for the weekend, have fun with likeminded people, learn a ton, eat great food, make new friends and just soak it all in.  We can't wait for the next venue and event!

September 06, 2022 — David Patterson

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