We have a new YouTube video live!  Below is a breif description of what we do in the video and below that is a series of pictures from the process and a little BLOG to go along with it.  

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In this video we do a preservation style detail to the oldest Honda Civic registered in the UK. This vehicle was originally white but was refinished in the original sunset orange color years ago. While the paint job was very good, it’s been years since it has seen a good paint correction and full detailing. We do a full interior detail, polish all the paint on the inside of the car, remove some tape and install paint protection film in the inside to protect a signature.  We completely detail the engine bay as well as condition all the hosed and polish the paint to prepare for ceramic coating. This car has a 1.4L engine from Triumph Acclaim that was fully built. This was a Honda designed engine that was similar to the RS and was interchangeable with the factory engine.  With a variety of parts like BC coilovers, Baird wheels, Mugen valve covers, carbs and more, this car is super cool as well as very collectable and valuabl

Check out the VIDEO to see more!

Learn more about King Motorsports, Mugen, and a variety of fine Hnda performance parts at www.kingmotorsports.com

They will be an official reseller of Oberk Car care and should have product available on their website too.


September 25, 2022 — David Patterson

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