Clay Towel 8x8



Remove surface contaminates like break dust, industrial fallout, overspray and environmental pollution with the easy to use Decon Clay Towel. The synthetic rubber polymer removes embedded debris from the clear coat surface leaving it smooth and ready for paint correction.

Clay Bar Decontamination should always be used with a Oberk Quick Detailer or a clay lubricant designed to lubricate the surface when decontaminating. New towels should be broken in by agitating on a glass surface for 1-2 min. with the lubricant. Spray the mitt and surface being cleaned with lubricant and gently rub in a crosshatch pattern applying more lubricant as needed. Thoroughly rinse the mitt with water and air-dry when done.

  • Perfect hand size
  • Medium Grade. 
  • Fast and cost effective compared to traditional clay bars