Oberk Microfiber Wash Mitt 9"x7" Wash Pad



The Oberk Car Wash Mitt is produced using a long pile premium microfiber material.  The inside foam is designed to maximize and hold a ton of foam and suds from the wash solution to increase lubricity and make sure you get the most gentile wash you can, while still cleansing the surface properly.

This mitt offers a dual length pile to offer a soft gentle touch with great cleaning power that agitate the dirt an soil from the painted surface. The 9in x 7in mit is the perfect size for large cleaning area, but not too bulky and chunky.

We suggest using this wash mit with a 2 bucket method inclding the Grit Guard along with the washboard attachment to assure you always have a clean mitt when applying back to the vehicle.

Wash mitts can come out of packaging slightly stiff. Get it wet and massage it, as well as wring it out a few times to break it in with the perfect firmness.

This wash mitt work great as a wash pad by tucking the cuff inside the mitt (shown in image 2).