Oberk Thunder Cut Molded Urethane ROTARY Backing Plates



Oberk ThunderCut Backing Plates are 100% Made in the USA from premium molded urethane and are color matched to the ThunderCut Silk Wool Pads.

One More way we are removing the guesswork from the paint correction process and keep consistency in the color coding of our product line up.

Most backing plates these days are outsourced to China, but not ours. We work with family owned businesses in the USA with decades of experience in molding the highest quality urethane parts and we partnered with them for these Supreme velcro style - hook and loop backing plates.

These are standard 5/8-11 thread and fir 95%+ of the rotary buffers abd polishers in the US.

- Available in 3 sizes (3,5,6")

- Made in USA

- Premium firm, but flexible molded urethane for optimal down pressure and control with maximum cutting ability