Supreme Polish Gallon

$169.99 $199.99
By Oberk


NOTE - Gallons now include a pump for transferring into smaller containers.

Supreme Polish (SP) now available in our bulk, 1-gallon size. Currently the product does not come with a plunger. Purchasing in bulk is over $40 savings from buying 32 oz. bottles.


  • Perfect for use on all types of machines including DA, forced rotation, rotary, and long throw DA machines
  • Water based formula provides a superior option when used on all types of foam and microfiber pads.
  • Silicone free, and body shop safe
  • No fillers
  • Works with all automotive finishes and gel coat
  • Use as a one step polish or as a second step after Oberk Supreme Cut
  • Currently, no dispenser or plunger is included.


This is step 2 in the Oberk Supreme DUO system. This product is considered a finishing or fine scratches removal polish.