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Photos by Centerscene 

Release #1

Vehicle:  Ringbrothers 1972 Chevy Blazer

Vehicle Name: Bully

Designer:  Gary Ragle Designs

Build Hours:  8516   Feb-2018 to Nov-2021

Debut:  2022

Full spec list at end of BLOG

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We detailed Bully last year upon completion, but had to put in some time getting the paint back to the condition needed for display, as well as over 8 ours of tire cleaning to get them perfect.


“Bully” is a K-5 Blazer that is inspired by the owner’s history as a professional baseball player and encompasses some really cool interior features like the baseball mitt seats.  The endless amounts of awesome custom parts sets this build off compared to any other K5 I’ve ever seen.


The custom multipiece HRE wheels are reverse mounted to hide the hardware. These wheels may look familiar, as they were the same ones used on the rapper Futures green k5 Blazer build from last year that we detailed. See image below 


This Supercharged LS3 engine build puts down a whopping 1200 ponies to power the super meaty tires.  Those HRE wheels and monster Cooper tires is a custom set of camo pattern carbon fiber flares in a matte/dry carbon style.  The front end sports a fully machined front grill, machined intake scoops and endless custom bits that make this whole truck one off.


Check out the following sets of pictures from David Heller of Centerscene as well as pictures from us working on it over the last week.


The next release is the BIGGEST one yet and drops in 30 minutes……GET READY!




 Dan Smith of Dans Specialized Detailing LLC adn Dave Patterson of Oberk and Perfect Shine LLC correct and inspect the paint for a flawless finish for the eyes at SEMA in the HRIA booth (Hot Rod International Association)



4-wheel independent suspension

Free form for heavy off-road

Semi-permanent soft top with removable T-top panels

Custom composite hood with billet machined blower covers

Extensive interior modifications and one-off machined parts

Suspended rear seat, floating dash with gauges

Carbon wheel flares in camo pattern

Door handles mounted in top of doors



Engine: Wegner Motorsports 416 cu.in. LS3  1160HP

Forced Induction: 4.5 Liter Whipple

Engine Extras: Holley Dominator Fuel Management System

Transmission:  Automatic 4L80E

Drive Shaft:  Roadster Shop supplied



Chassis & Front/Rear Suspension:  Roadster Shop – custom front & rear

Shock Manufacturer:  Roadster Shop

Front Sway Bars:   Roadster Shop

Rear End:  Roadster Shop supplied



Header Manufacturer: Flowmaster

Header Details:  Customized by Ringbrothers

Exhaust Manufacturer: Flowmaster 44 Stainless Steel


Wheels and Tires

Wheel Manufacturer:  Custom HRE Wheels www.hrewheels.com

Front/Rear Wheel Size:   18” x 12”

Tire Manufacturer:  https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/

BF Goodrich T/A KO2 (Coopers, but list BF Goodrch)

Front/Rear Tire Size:   325-65-18



Front/Rear Manufacturer: Baer https://baer.com/

Front Caliper Specs: 6P Extreme 15”

Rear Caliper Specs: 6P Extreme 14”



Fuel Pump: Twin Walbro 450 LPH pumps https://www.walbro.com/

Fuel Tank/Cell: Custom by Rick’s Hot Rods

Fuel Management:   Holley Dominator System https://www.holley.com/



Wiring Harness:  Painless Wiring





Chrome:  Advanced Plating & Custom Chrome Plating

Paint Manufacturer: BASF Glasurit Waterborne https://refinish.basf.us/brands/glasurit/

Paint Color:  Bashful Blue (MB086.80)

Paint Booth: Global Finishing Solutions



Interior:  Full custom upholstery by Upholstery Unlimited

Gauges: Dakota Digital

Steering Wheel:  Custom designed by Ringbrothers, machined by Sparc Industries

A/C System:  None



Corporate Sponsors                                                  Product Sponsors

BASF/Glasurit                                                             C-Tek

Flowmaster – Holley                                                  E-Stopp

HRE Wheels                                                                 GFS – Global Finishing Solutions

Motul                                                                           Heat Shield Products

Miller Welding


Painless Wiring

Warn Industries


One-Off RB Parts

Taillights                                          Side markers                                  Front turn indicators

Front and rear bumpers              Grill surround                                Intake vents

Headlight buckets with upper/lower bars                                          Running boards

Front and rear skid plate light bezels                                                  Master brake cylinder base

Side rollbar covers                        Bedside rails                                   Tie down clips

Tailgate handle                              Door handles                                  Battery charge port cover

Bully badging                                 Grab handles                                  Glovebox cover & grab handle

Radio bezel                                     Shifter & 4x4 bezels                      Dash knobs

Roll bar clamps                              Rear seat clamps                           Gas cap and insert

Wheel center caps

 Visit www.ringbrothers.com to see and learn more


November 01, 2022 — David Patterson

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