Written by David Patterson

Photos by Centerscene and David Patterson

If you are at SEMA, this car was just released in the Keytstone Automotive booth 

There was only 2 of these custom built carbon fiber widebody full kits. When I say full kit, I mean a fuill body worth of carbon fiber totalling around 750k before even being installed or painted.

This was the first car Ringbrothers won Battle of the Builders in 2019 before Covid in 2020. Valkerie was a green color with exposed carbon, while the new build is all white,m with matte black where the carbon was previously exposed and orange accent color for the brakes, interior and engine bay.

The whipple charged LS motor is an easy 800-1000hp withpout trying, and the interior is proper for this build.  As with every build, it got a custom set of HRE wheels. This wheel design was actually used on the Ringbrothers G-Code Camaro, which was the first car I was able to work on with Ring Brothers years ago.

Below is Jason Killmer cutting out RIDS and removing the rotary indsuced swirl marks to refine it all down to a showcar finish.

All of these cars were waxed with OBSSSSD x SWISSVAX as well as Swissvax Crystal Rock

We cleaned this car with our ALL NEW Rinseless wash before decontaminating and polishing. Rinseless wash has been announced as well as the Squash air freshener and slated to be released the week of BLACK FRIDAY

Dan SMith tackling the front nose and cleaning up after the cutting step. We had to heavily cut this car due to sanding marks, and the finishing step was done with Oberk Sole and a yellow pad due to how hard it was. 

Many don't know, but Matty and Jason Killmer from Driven by Details Podcast helped develop and bring APS to market. 

Visit www.ringbrothers.com to see and learn more


November 02, 2022 — David Patterson

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